Providing telephone call answering services requires a specialized skill on the part of the customer service representative. She must be attuned to the person on the other end of the line. At On Call Centre, we provide an excellent service by following customer service best practices . You can do the same by using these call answering service tips .

  • We say the client’s company name clearly. Have you ever called a company and all you heard was gorgzplingndsuplz? This doesn’t give a very good first impression. Often, the confused customer then has to say, “Is this George’s Plumbing and Supplies?” Telephone call answering service tip #1: Take time to clearly say the company name.
  • We let the customer at the other end of the line complete their sentences. Have you ever spoken with a customer service representative who consistently interrupted because she thought she knew where you were going with your question? Often, this causes the customer great frustration. Call answering service tip #2: Let the customer have the satisfaction of completing all of their thoughts. Pause to consider what they’re explicitly or implicitly saying—and then respond.
  • We go the extra mile. In other words, we go back to tip #2: what is the customer implicitly saying or asking? What is the tone of their voice? Is there a level of frustration? Telephone answering tip #3: Always go the extra mile to deliver the best possible customer experience to each and every person on the other end of the phone line.

What additional telephone call answering service or call centre service tips can your organization adopt to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences?

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