Financial challenges such as an economic downturn can make or break businesses as it brings out the best—or worst—of their management team and people. However, with informed preparation and strategy, Canada-based companies can turn trying seasons, such as recessions, into opportunities to strengthen their brand.

With most consumers expecting a mild to moderate recession in the coming year, taking steps to ensure customer retention becomes a priority for business owners. Maintaining excellent client communications is vital in preventing churn and sustaining sales amid the public’s impulse to reduce expenses.

Why Businesses Should Gear Up for French Language Competence

Bilingualism in Canada stands at 18%, based on the latest records from Statistics Canada. French is still the second most commonly used language in the country (21%) after English (75%), although a growing number (12.7%) claim their mother tongue is neither of the two.

However, the stronger push for French language fluency—led by the Quebec government’s Bill 96 in 2022—is driving businesses nationwide to plan for its impact, from branding to recruitment and operations. The law will affect trademarks, packaging, contracts, other legal documents, and customer service.

4 Ways Outsourcing French Virtual Reception Benefits Your Business

You can gear up for the impending recession and expected demand for French language use in the workplace by partnering with a service provider with an established track record in its field.
Investing in a third party for virtual reception may sound counterintuitive when reducing expenses is more logical during economic instability. However, outsourcing this aspect of your daily business operations may help conserve your company’s resources and effort in the long run. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Cost advantage

Virtual reception service providers search for the best talents and train them using their technology and equipment. In particular, companies offering French-speaking agents have the expertise to evaluate an applicant’s interpersonal skills besides their language proficiency.

Your provider will then assign a trained agent or group of agents to you, but you don’t pay them like you’d do your regular employees (with their health benefits and taxes). Thus, outsourcing this service can help reduce your labor and overhead costs.

2. Flexibility and scalability

You typically pay a set fee for virtual reception based on the terms you’ve agreed on with your provider. You only pay for the hours or number of agents you need. You can ramp this resource up or down according to your agreement’s parameters without laying off staff.

3. Personalization

Santander reports that almost 80% of consumers in Canada expect personalized products and services. Many prefer hybrid shopping (search and ordering occur online while fitting and pick-up happen in-store), but online shopping has risen to almost 84%.

4. In-house staff productivity

With a virtual receptionist taking care of your business calls, you and your team can focus on their core competencies. The assigned agent or agents can screen calls so your office departments won’t have to deal with unsolicited vendor calls or common questions about your company. Besides call forwarding and transfer, some outsourced agencies offer message management, booking appointments, or processing orders, depending on your needs.

Let Our Virtual Receptionists Delight Your French-Speaking Customers

You can rely on On Call Centre’s fluent French-English virtual receptionists to represent your company to leads and loyal customers. Whether you only need receptionists in the daytime or 24/7, our agents are ready to turn every call into a business opportunity. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize a solution for you.

At On Call Centre , we deliver exceptional customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—sometimes 366. On Call Centre has been providing tailored, fluently French/English bilingual answering services and call centre services to small business owners (professionals, trades) and customer support departments (government, high tech, property management, healthcare, emergency clients) serving Ottawa , Montreal and Toronto —and all over Canada —for almost 50 years.

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