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Good customer service is a key driver of business growth. A dedicated customer service team connects your business with your audience and can give you valuable insights into customer experiences, adding more value to your brand in the process. Striving to provide excellent customer service can improve employee

 engagement by an average of 20%, grow your customer lifetime value, and lower customer acquisition costs.

An integral part of your customer service team is a virtual receptionist, a remote worker who can help address various customer service needs and oversee administrative tasks.

5 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Boost Your Growth

Having a virtual receptionist enables you to achieve your customer service excellence. It helps you build loyalty among your existing clients, acquire new customers, expand your reach, and gain a competitive edge.

What are the other benefits of a virtual receptionist? Read on to find out how they can help improve your business success.

Handling calls around the clock

Not being able to answer calls and respond to customers’ queries can drive them away from your business and straight to your competitors. Even just one bad experience with customer service can drive away almost 50% of customers. A virtual receptionist can provide customer service around the clock and even during holidays. This allows you to address customers’ concerns immediately and not miss any opportunities for growth.

Improving your online presence

A virtual receptionist can boost your brand visibility, which can help improve brand awareness. A virtual receptionist can quickly and efficiently respond to any issues across the various platforms you’re using. Aside from being readily available and able to immediately address customer queries, a virtual receptionist can help you craft more targeted and engaging online posts, which can drive leads and conversions.

Boosting productivity

With a virtual receptionist, you can increase you and your team’s productivity because they allow you to focus on other more important or complex tasks. Aside from answering calls, virtual receptionists can answer your emails, process orders, follow up on your leads, and manage your appointments. Instead of taking the time out to answer phone calls and handle customer concerns, you can focus on other tasks and growing your business without comprising the quality of your customer service.

Offering a cost-effective solution

Small and medium enterprises may be operating on very limited budgets. Hiring a virtual receptionist can help you save money because you can pay them only for the work they’ve done, unlike when hiring a dedicated receptionist. You won’t have to pay for monthly salaries and other labor costs, allowing you to maximize your funds.

Giving your business a more human touch

Automated phone prompts can be convenient, but they’re not able to comprehensively address complex customer issues. With a virtual receptionist, you’re letting your customers know that they’re talking to a real human who can help them solve their problems. Letting your customers know that they can talk to someone anytime can help improve your business’s reputation. This gives your business a more professional and reliable image, which not only encourages retention and loyalty but also helps you acquire new customers.

Optimize Your Services with On Call Centre

Prepare your business for growth with the help of a virtual receptionist. On Call Centre is an answering service provider based in Ottawa. We connect you with professional and bilingual customer service representatives who can offer unparalleled customer service for your business and your clients.

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