6 Virtual Receptionist Roles that Can Streamline Your Workflow

In physical offices, a receptionist serves as the company’s first brand ambassador. They’re the initial point of human contact visitors have with your business. This position’s role has also evolved as more organizations adopt a hybrid or remote work setup. Moreover, some organizations launch their brand and operate entirely online.

What Is a Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual receptionists are human professionals who answer business calls on your behalf and perform almost all of the same tasks as an in-house receptionist from a remote location. They work for an outsourced agency, which you can tap into, like live answering services. However, businesses typically get one virtual receptionist at a time, unlike an answering service that involves a team of agents.

How Does It Work?

Three factors determine the success of every partnership with a virtual receptionist service:


Virtual receptionist services use specific software and equipment to manage inbound calls. They can set up your account so that these calls automatically route to them, and your existing platforms will work in synch with theirs.


Virtual receptionists use scripts to guide their responses to different client concerns. Receptionists receive training to uphold ethical and legal standards when handling calls, especially sensitive customer data. Additionally, with these protocols, they provide one voice, and one brand to callers.


Most importantly, these service providers choose people with good active listening skills, empathy, critical thinking, stress tolerance, and teamwork to serve their clients. These qualities ensure that every call creates a positive experience for callers, aligns with business guidelines, and offers a quick solution.

Functions that the Best Virtual Receptionist Services Offer

1. Custom call handling

Virtual receptionists are an extension of your internal team, providing call answering support outside your regular office hours or 24/7, depending on your service agreement. With this availability, your brand can capture all possible business opportunities. According to Ruby’s 2022 Call Trends Report, 92% of calls give brands a chance to connect with their market on a deep level. Receptionists can use these moments to win, retain, and strengthen engagement.

Speaking the same language as your customers is another big plus for virtual receptionists. An Intercom poll showed that prospects and customers alike are more likely to wait longer and tolerate product weakness if the company can engage with them in their native language.

2. Call filtering

When prospects contact your business, virtual receptionists can ask the right questions and gather information to determine if you can convert these callers into clients. Thus, these agents can support your sales team in the lead screening process.

At the same time, virtual receptionists can build and update your block list of spam callers, preventing future calls or transferred calls from these spammers.

3. Order Management

You can integrate your payment software with your service provider to allow your virtual receptionist to process orders and other related tasks, such as shipment scheduling, invoicing, and payment processing.

4. Appointment Scheduling

Virtual receptionists can book appointments and sales calls on the calendar software you already use. They can send you reminders so you won’t forget these appointments or notify you in case of changes and cancellations.

5. Message-taking and response

These receptionists can also take messages for you or your staff and pass them on via text or email. Or you can assign them to respond directly to messages by SMS, live chat, or social media.

6. Call forwarding

Receptionists can transfer or forward calls to the appropriate departments after the initial screening. With integrated systems, your team can view any new data from the lead or client that your receptionist recorded.

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