Inbound customer service uses a skill set that requires years of experience. It also requires entirely different skills than outbound telemarketing, telesales, and inside sales. When you are looking for a telephone call answering services, you want assurance that the partner you select will provide an exceptional customer experience to your valuable customers and prospects. Third-party quality assurance gives you just that.

How to Assess a Call Centre Service

There are three ways to confirm that an  answering service provider truly exceeds high levels of customer service:

  1. A third party has recently tested and validated the service for quality.
  2. The provider can present customer references. When you speak with the clients from these references, they confirm that the company meets high customer service standards.
  3. The provider features customer names, logos, and case studies on their website—this shows that customers are willing to endorse the provider.

Third-Party Quality Assurance

It’s easy for us at On Call Centre to say our customer service representatives (CSRs) are highly skilled and provide an exceptional customer experience. But any  call centre service provider can say that! We go the extra mile by asking third-party organizations to judge how well we’re doing. We believe the results speak volumes.

Our Results

Most service providers offer inbound/outbound (or blended) services. At On Call Centre, we do things differently—all of our CSRs are focused 100 percent on inbound customer service.

Our CSRs undergo random tests every month by two third-party quality assurance organizations: Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) and Association of TeleServices International, Inc. (ATSI). The scoring criteria include courtesy, response time, accuracy, and overall customer service. The judges provide validation every six months in the form of an Award of Excellence. To receive the award, our CSRs must score 80 percent or better in all categories.

In June 2012, On Call Centre received its 14th consecutive ATSI Award of Excellence at the ATSI Annual Convention in Orlando, FL. We’ve also received six consecutive CAM-X Awards of Excellence.

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