Answering Services in Canada


Our services are available for clients located anywhere in Canada. With more than 40 years of experience serving all types of businesses—large and small—in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and elsewhere in the country, we know how to customize our telephone call answering services and inbound call centre services to meet the needs of our Canadian clients.

Do You Need Call Answering Services or Inbound Call Centre Services?

Our full range of services are available to clients located throughout Canada.

  • Bilingual Call Answering

Our highly trained agents are fluently bilingual (English/French) and available 24/7. 

  • Call Centre

Custom call scripts & message management obtain exactly the info you need, in the form you want.

  • Virtual reception

We answer when you want, and dispatch the message or warm transfer the call through to the right person. 

  • Message Management

We make sure the message gets to the right people on call. It’s all part of our custom approach.

  • Omnichannel

Not just phone calls – email, SMS as technology expands, so do our channels, both inbound and to you.

  • Integration

Using your systems, we can fill out your web-based forms, initiate service tickets, take orders, find dealers, etc.

  • Reporting

We learn a lot about your customers and can provide tailored statistics and business information.

  • Voicemail to Live

Customers leave a message on our sophisticated voicemail or push “0” to speak to a live person.

  • Emergency Services

Distinguish between emergency and regular calls. Special lines for elevator & swimming pool telephones.