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No one can anticipate emergencies, so it’s best to always be prepared for them. Natural disasters, accidents, or other uncontrollable events can happen anytime and cause power shutdowns, technical glitches, loss of communication, and other operational obstacles.

Being prepared for the unexpected can help you continue assisting clients, retain their trust, and maintain your customer service levels. What should organizations do during such scenarios? How do you meet customer expectations during emergencies?

4 Ways to Manage Emergencies with an Outsourced Call Centre

Working with an outsourced call centre can help you stay on top of things during emergencies, even after office hours. You’ll be alerted in real time and you’d be able to stay accessible.

Find out how you can manage different crises with an outsourced call centre:

1. Build a communication or crises management plan for handling emergencies.

The first step to better manage emergencies is to create a crisis communication or management plan. This helps your agents become more prepared for tackling emergencies. Your plan should identify the key individuals who will take charge during crises. It should also include key procedures that your agents can follow when handling emergency or high call volumes, as well as processes that they can take if you’re experiencing a crisis yourself.

2. Orient your call centre team with your communication plan and call scripts for emergencies.

Once you’ve created a crisis management plan, you’ll need to craft an appropriate call script for it. Outline responses for questions such as how your emergency can potentially affect your services and your customers. This also means getting your outsourced call centre personnel with your plan and script. Having the right call script can help minimize downtime and equip your personnel with the right knowledge. Don’t forget to document calls.

3. Retrain your call centre personnel.

If you’re implementing a new plan or script, you should also retrain your outsourced call centre personnel. Emergencies require a different way of responding. Train your staff to stay calm and ask your customers the right questions to gather sufficient information. Make sure that they prioritize showing compassion and empathy to the caller.

If you’re facing a crisis on your end, your staff must also know how to manage their own and control their emotions so they can continue delivering exceptional customer service.

Training may take some time and effort, but it will ultimately help you and your call centre staff handle emergencies better.

4. Run tests

Run drills using your new communication plan or script. Create scenarios where your customers are facing a crisis or one where your business is facing an emergency and have your agents do mock calls. Obtain feedback afterwards so you can recalibrate your strategy or communication plan accordingly. Make it a point to conduct debriefing sessions to help your staff manage after distressing calls or situations.

Handle Crises Better with On Call Centre

An outsourced call centre lets you manage calls and take action in real time during emergencies. Because it’s essentially an independent team that’s working remotely, it won’t necessarily be affected by the same crises that you’re facing. Plus, outsourced call centre agents are already trained, which means you won’t have to start from scratch when it comes to onboarding them.

On Call Centre is always live. We can also provide your business with custom scripting to help improve your crises response. We’re leveraging our 50 years of experience in the industry and our meticulously trained customer service representatives can handle different situations, customers, and call types.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you manage emergencies.  

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