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3 Benefits of an Answering Service to Fundraisers

For teams responsible for fundraising drives, who can’t realistically handle the volume of inbound telephone calls, an experienced answering service or inbound call center services partner is a must. At On Call Centre, our fundraiser clients don’t get cookie-cutter solutions. That’s because we know that every fundraising drive is unique—from the fundraising goals to the…

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More Reasons to Partner with an Answering Service

Do you find that customers are calling you after regular business hours? Using voice mail to “speak” to your valued customers means their needs are put on hold until you can get back to them. This can be frustrating to a customer. Partnering with a professional answering service improves the level of service you offer…

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Zero Voicemail; Greater Satisfaction

One of the most frustrating experiences for customers is to encounter a voice mail greeting rather than a human greeting them. Frustration increases every time the customer hears the voice mail greeting. On Call Centre is a professional answering service provider and inbound call center services provider. We employ career-focused Customer Service Representatives. In other…

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Reduce Costs with an Answering Service

If you are a small business—or are developing a business plan to start a small business—you know how costs can quickly skyrocket. Partnering with a telephone answering service provider can be a strategy to reduce costs. Here’s how. No training costs: Partnering with a telephone answering service means that you have experienced “staff” up-and-running quickly.…

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Do You Need An After-Hours Answering Service?

Most businesses don’t operate 24/7/365. Yet customers still want to be able to contact a business outside of regular business hours if needed; for example, a property management company, building maintenance company, electrical contractor, and more. Outsourcing your telephone answering needs to a professional answering service provider or call centre provider is an effective way…

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Is One of Your Goals to Improve the Customer Experience?

Everything we read today is about improving the customer experience. That’s because the customer’s experience with your organization can either lead to the customer buying from you again and again, or going to the competition (and taking future customers with them). What are you doing to deliver an exceptional customer experience? One way to improve…

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Your 24-Hour Answering Service

For some types of businesses, their customers are consumers who need 24-hour access to your people. A few businesses that quickly leap to mind include property management, building maintenance, legal services, insurance, real estate—and trades like elevator services, electrical services, paving contractors, and plumbing and heating services. At On Call Centre, we have 46 years…

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Missed Calls are Lost Business

I was just reading a great article in Electrician & Installer, a trade magazine in the UK, and read an article that is very relevant to small business here in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal—all over Canada. The article is entitled, Moneypenny | Missed Calls = Missed $. Here’s a quote from the article: “With recent statistics…

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Putting Career-minded Customer Service Reps to Work for You

There is one major difference between an inbound call center service and an outbound call center service: customer service. Professionals who answer phone calls are trained in customer service; whereas, those trained in outbound phone calls are generally trained in sales. At On Call Centre we offer inbound call center services and telephone answering services.…

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