The Role of Inbound Call Centres in Facilitating Access

Have you thought about using your customer’s language as a strategy for growing your business? As the local drive to promote the French language accelerates, you may have to integrate bilingualism into your brand strategy sooner rather than later.

Canada’s over 7 million French-speaking population is undeniably a large market. Due to its size, no less than TikTok dove into this consumer segment’s DNA to help brands uncover possibilities.

While only about 36% of the nation’s social media users are on this platform, data about their views are worth considering.

Partner market research firm Legér reported that 33% of French-speaking TikTokers surveyed want to see more local content. Meanwhile, multi-lingual ads made 84% of these respondents feel heard and represented.

Even if this social channel isn’t part of your marketing program, we can’t overemphasize enough the benefits of bilingualism in branding. And who else is at the forefront of building your brand image but your customer care teams? If you’ve been mulling over this issue for some time now, stick around to get some assurance and clarity about gearing up your client-facing teams for a linguistically diverse market.

How Bilingualism Adds Value to Your Business

Your phone answering team represents your business, no matter what niche or industry you’re in. When endowed with bilingual capabilities, your customer care agents or reps can multiply your company’s growth in the following ways:

·       Wider accessibility

Bilingual teams can engage with English or French-speaking callers on the spot, allowing your business to capture more leads and broaden your overall reach. The growing Francophone immigrant community is one market teeming with opportunities. Its population outside of Quebec rose 19.9% in 2023. Moreover, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has announced that Francophones will make up 6% of total immigrant admissions outside Quebec this year (then 7% in 2025 and 8% in 2026).

Effective first-contact resolution leads to positive experiences, which your market can broadcast to loved ones and acquaintances. Hiring French virtual receptionists in Ottawa or a French call answering service in Ontario can help your company brace up for these fresh markets.

·       Streamlined workflow

Language differences can lead to misinterpretation or misunderstanding, which can delay the problem-solving. Callers may eventually choose to do business with another company out of exasperation. With bilingual proficiency, your agents or customer reps can answer customer queries more precisely and promptly.

Being bilingual doesn’t automatically make a person good at call handling. Outsourcing this task to a bilingual phone answering centre in Ottawa or a French answering service in Alberta ensures your customers receive a satisfying experience from highly trained professionals.

·       Personalized interaction

Active listening and using empathy statements may not be enough during challenging calls. Speaking your customer’s language can lower emotional barriers, hastening trust-building and loyalty.

·       Deeper insights

Gaining your caller’s trust can lead to receiving more genuine and honest feedback. Understanding the nuances of their spoken language allows you to accurately assess their frustrations, hopes, and preferences. Their input becomes valuable market research data for improving your products or services and becoming more culturally attuned to your market.

·       Improved brand equity

Brand equity refers to the public’s perceived value of your business. You can leverage bilingualism to deepen the customer’s knowledge of your product or service. Helping clients succeed this way leads to repeat sales and reduces returns on goods or complaints with your service.

Elevate Your Business Success with Bilingual Phone Answering Agents

Language is a strategic asset. When you can connect with customers in their preferred language, you can influence their purchase decisions, upsell, and make lasting relationships like no other brand can. You also improve your team’s efficiency even as your clientele grows. Outsourcing French telephone reception services or customer support is one way to gain a competitive advantage in this area if you can’t assemble an in-house team.

So if you’re searching for a Canadian French call answering centre, look no further than On Call Centre. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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