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Customer service representatives that answer the phone 24/7/365 build strong customer relationships.

I just read a good article entitled, “Do You Have a Call Center or a Relationship Center?” by Dave Murray. The author says that a call center is an opportunity to “help an organization cultivate deeper relationships with customers.” We agree. A professional call center service or answering service most definitely builds strong customer relationships.

At On Call Centre, we consistently deliver a high level of customer service on behalf of our clients who are business owners and customer support managers. We do this by understanding our clients’ goals and blueprinting services to achieve those goals.

Paramount to building strong customer relationships, though, is recognizing that our core offerings deliver exceptional customer experiences. For example:

  • Our customer service representatives understand “customer service.” They answer customer calls only; they do not provide telemarketing or telesales services. Customer service is a unique skill set.
  • Our customer service representatives do not use voice mail. We answer every single phone call and we answer the phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Our customer service representatives speak your customers’ language and, in Canada, that means fluently bilingual French and English professionals.

We’ve been providing answering services and call centre services for our clients located in Ottawa , Montreal and Toronto —anywhere in Canada—for 46 years now. If you’re looking for an inbound answering service provider or inbound call centre service , we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please contact On Call Centre to schedule a free, one-hour no-obligation telephone call answering service or call centre service consultation.

In case you’d like to read the article published on the Connections Magazine website, here’s the link: Do You Have a Call Center or a Relationship Center?