Call Centre Solutions for Other Industries2024-05-17T05:40:31-04:00

Call Centre Solutions for Other Industries

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Give Your Business a Brand Voice 

Consistency in customer service is the secret sauce to business longevity. Clients feel confident transacting with your company when they receive polite and swift answers each time they make a phone call or online query. For over 50 years, businesses have relied on On Call Centre’s agents to represent their company regardless of their clientele’s size.

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Extend Empathy in Your Customers’ Language

Research shows that consumers become more loyal to brands that care enough offer customer service in the language that they are most comfortable speaking. On Call Centre helps you earn and deepen your clients’ trust through our bilingual French and English-speaking agents. Moreover, we track their KPIs (first-call resolution, average handling time, and average speed of answer) to ensure every transaction boosts your customers’ satisfaction.

We Offer Tailor-Fitted, Loyalty-Winning Solutions 

Every business has unique communication needs. You can entrust us with call and message responses, appointment scheduling, emergency dispatch, and service ticketing, so you can focus on your core functions. No matter what industry you belong to, we’ll work with you to create a customized script unique to you and your callers, to guide agents’ call flows for an optimized client experience.

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Engage With Leads and Clients Anytime, Anywhere

Amid the age of personalization, your company must be accessible in various ways besides your landline and smartphones. Moreover, people must know your business and how you can ease their lives. On Call Centre’s scalable omnichannel and outbound call centre services can widen your reach, so you won’t overburden yourself or your team. Learn more by contacting us today.


How does call and message management outsourcing work?2023-04-29T12:23:57-04:00

At the end of each call, we create a report with the client’s details and send it to you by SMS or email. This way, you can prioritize your responses, and you can immediately make a follow-up call to the customer if necessary. Our agents can also route emergency calls directly to you or a designated staff, depending on your preferred call flow.

Why should I choose On Call Centre?2023-05-31T00:46:26-04:00

Every business in every industry has its unique brand voice and customer service goals. With over 50 years’ experience, providing solutions to hundreds of businesses, On Call Centre ensures that we understand these aspects of your company. We do not have “solutions in a box” We can customize a plan, script, and message management system that reflect your branding, vision, and individual needs. We value deep customer knowledge as it empowers our agents to engage with your clients, using your brand tone and QA standards.

And in our 50 years of operations, each of our satisfied partners typically stays with us for more than a decade. Moreover, On Call Centre is proudly Canadian. We hire and train the best local talents to serve our partners with professionalism and empathy.

What call centre solutions can you offer my business?2023-04-29T12:23:03-04:00

On Call Centre agents can serve as your virtual receptionists or remote customer care representatives. Our team can also take care of call transfers, department-specific overflow call assistance, voicemail to live answering, live chats, order processing, and dealer location support. We integrate with your customer management system, so your team and ours are on the same page.

What other industries does On Call Centre provide services to?2023-04-29T12:21:52-04:00

We’re ready to be at your service no matter what sector you operate in. On Call Centre works with parking facilities, cleaning service providers, car dealers, automotive repair shops, veterinary clinics, pet care stores, and food or consumer goods distributors. You can also hire us to handle your school’s absentee line or your company’s fraud complaint hotline.

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