Call Centre Solutions for Professional Services2024-05-17T05:40:29-04:00

Call Centre Solutions for Professional Services

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Your Business Image Is Our Priority 

As a licensed professional, you’re always on the move. When you’re busy with P&L reports, court hearings, or operations at your worksite, you need business-class communications support to provide real-time client solutions. On Call Centre safeguards your reputation through our industry-recognized expert call handling and message management.

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Our Bilingual Agents Ensure On-Brand Customer Engagement

French is the second most spoken language in Canada. While live chats and bots have become more prevalent customer service methods, nothing beats human interaction in making emotional connections. On Call Centre offers bilingual live answering services, which we can customize and track to meet your KPIs.

Make On Call Centre Your Office Assistant

You can choose from our suite of services to give your prospects and customers the attention they deserve while ensuring data privacy. We can respond to them on the platforms they use through our omnichannel service. Moreover, our plans are flexible—you can service hours based on your needs.

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We Make Every Conversation Count

A human or automated virtual assistant may be inadequate if you wish to find more clients or get extra support for overflow calls. On Call Centre helps you strategize an outbound call program for lead generation. At the same time, we can tailor-fit a plan to serve as the in-house team’s extension during seasons of high-volume calls. Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate.


Why should I choose On Call Centre?2023-05-31T00:45:22-04:00

Every professional service business has its unique brand voice and customer service goals. With over 50 years’ experience, providing solutions to hundreds of businesses, On Call Centre ensures that we understand these aspects of your company. We do not have “solutions in a box” We can customize a plan, script, and message management system that reflect your branding, vision, and individual needs. We value deep customer knowledge as it empowers our agents to engage with your clients, using your brand tone and QA standards.

And in our 50 years of operations, each of our satisfied partners typically stays with us for more than a decade. Moreover, On Call Centre is proudly Canadian. We hire and train the best local talents to serve our partners with professionalism and empathy.

How will I be notified about the calls you handled for me?2023-04-29T10:43:39-04:00

On Call Centre sends a report after each call. You can determine the notification method (via SMS or messaging system). Depending on your preferred workflow, urgent calls can be routed immediately to you or specific colleagues.

How will agents know how to handle calls to my business phone number?2023-04-29T10:42:12-04:00

Our message management team works with you to craft a script that sets the protocol for every call. You can choose whether agents will answer the calls from the start or during specific circumstances—for instance, when they opt to speak to a live agent on your IVR or when “VIP” callers contact you.

What’s included in On Call Centre’s services for professionals?2023-04-29T10:41:06-04:00

We can customize a plan for you that covers one or more services. Our bilingual French and English-speaking agents can handle inbound calls, which include call transfers, answering routine FAQs, appointment scheduling, message taking, live chat, and emergency dispatch. We can also make outbound calls for marketing and reminders. Our team can also reply via email, SMS, or your chosen channel.

Which types of professionals does On Call Centre cater to?2023-04-29T10:39:31-04:00

We support accountants, lawyers, engineers, insurance brokers, educators, and consultants. 

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