The Role of Inbound Call Centres in Facilitating Access

Clients rely on consultant client service to launch or improve their business operations and growth. They expect consultants to fully grasp their problem and deliver a customized solution. Although track record is a big plus, prospective and existing customers are more interested in results.

Efficient communication with clients is necessary to get things done and have enough room to complete a project.

How can streamlined communication boost your bottom line, and what can you do to bring these gains to your consultancy? Read on to find out.

Identifying Consultancy Communication Needs

● Client acquisition

Consultants are problem-solvers by nature. But not everyone has the flair for marketing—something every business requires to find new clients or projects and stay in business. You’ll need more than an optimized website and active email and social media campaigns to attract leads.

● Customer retention
Customers must strongly sense that your services outweigh what they pay you. You can earn and deepen trust and loyalty by staying consistently available while maintaining the same level of energy and empathy.
● Performance auditing

You should review your client communication regularly to discover how it impacts productivity and profitability. Evaluating your communication quality can also help determine whether you need to invest in new marketing strategies and business tools.

How Call Centres Facilitate Client Management and Appointment Setting

Booking platforms and messaging apps may seem enough to keep in touch with potential and current clients. However, human interaction still matters. 52% of business leaders who took part in a RingCentral poll conducted in Canada, the US, and the UK still consider phone usage as their primary communication tool.

Call centre service providers have trained staff and specialized equipment to provide voice-based customer care, whether your consultancy is in finance, healthcare, IT, eCommerce, talent management, engineering, or politics. Some of the call centre benefits your consultancy can enjoy are the following:

  • Agents help establish a strong image for your brand by offering prompt and accurate answers to common company queries 24/7. Instead of frustration and lost opportunities due to long hold times or unanswered calls, you get more conversions and improved client retention.
  • Agents can proficiently calendar consultation requests, send appointment reminders, reconcile conflicting schedules, and process cancellations.
  • Agents can inject survey-type questions during their calls to collect feedback about consultancy sessions and deliverables. This proactive step can help you discover underlying challenges and previously unspoken needs.

Effective Communication Tips

These steps can help you streamline your internal and external communications:

● Understand and define your company’s needs.

Determine which part of your workflow lacks personnel or qualified professionals. Is it managing email and social messages, making outbound marketing calls, processing payments, or organizing client records? You can save on communication equipment and additional full-time staff through call centres that offer virtual reception, emergency dispatch, and other customized solutions.

● Research and shortlist your potential call centre service partners.

Check whether your prospects have access to the communication channels your customers use, speak your clients’ language, and work 24/7 or the specific hours you need them to cover. Moreover, check if their values and culture jive with yours. Compatibility will enable smooth collaboration, especially when services involve call routing.


Effective communication can spell the difference between a one-off project and a life-long partnership. With a reliable call centre by your side, you can watch your consultancy’s client base grow as you help companies navigate their way through change and scalability.

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