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Call centre services and answering services that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

I ran across an article written in 2010 with a message that remains current today: human contact with customers is key to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The author writes, “Over the previous decade, companies have squeezed costs out of their contact centers through automation, offshore labor, and self-service alternatives. But no matter how hard they try, most companies can’t take human contact out of the service mix…Many companies are realizing that some of their contact center interactions represent more than just costs; they’re moments of truth for customers, points in time that significantly impact customer loyalty.”

At On Call Centre we provide inbound telephone call answering services and inbound call centre services , and we agree with the author’s words. That’s why we employ career-minded customer service representatives for inbound calling only. What this means is that our people are experienced in the soft skills needed to provide customer service as opposed to outbound telemarketing calls, which requires an entirely differently skill set.

We’ve been providing answering services and call centre services for our clients located in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto—and throughout Canada—for 44 years. If you’re looking for an inbound answering service provider or inbound call centre service, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

In the meantime, here’s a link to Contact Centers Enter The Loyalty Mix in case you’d like to read the article mentioned in this blog post.

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