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Telephone communication matters! An answering service ensures customers can immediately speak to someone at your business.

I read an article in entitled, “The ‘Now’ Generation and the Customer Communications Gap.” The author talks about how today’s consumers expect everything now and this expectation has been exacerbated by mobility.

Although today’s consumers like to text and tweet, the author goes on to say it would be a mistake for business owners to divert all resources to digital means of communicating. There is most definitely a need for telephone communication.

Why Telephone Communication Matters

When customers have questions or concerns, they often need to speak to someone. They need to reach someone they can talk with in real time—not voicemail—who can quickly get to the heart of the issue. Most businesses are unable to man their phones 24/7, which is call answering services from On Call Centre are so beneficial.

Whereas some call centre providers offer both inbound and outbound calls, we focus solely on inbound. This influences the kind of talent we hire. Our people are professional customer service representatives (CSRs) who take pride in the quality of their work. All our CSRs have a unique skill set, honed over years of delivering customer service. A service-oriented (versus sales-oriented) mindset is important to keep customer satisfaction high.

Some telephone answering services profess to employ bilingual customer service agents. Although that may be true, are they truly French–English bilingual? Our customer service representatives are fluent in both language and culture. They understand that subtle nuances are important to keep improve telephone communication and keep satisfaction high.

We’ve been providing answering services to clients located in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto more than 40 years. Contact us to improve your telephone communication and deliver a higher quality of customer service.

[The article mentioned in this post is no longer available online.]

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