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Answering service providers and inbound call centre service providers require exceptional listening skills to provide exceptional customer service.

Exceptional listening skills drive customer loyalty. Consider the decline in customer satisfaction when a professional customer service representative (CSR) providing telephone answering services misunderstands or talks over the customer. Exceptional CSRs drive exceptional customer satisfaction. The title of Vicki Nihart’s article — All You Have to Do is Listen to Your Customers — published on the Customer Relationship Metrics Blog, sums it up.

The best thing is you need just two tactics to deliver exceptional customer experiences:

  • Answer every call live. Rather than waste your customer’s time playing an annoying game of telephone tag, you’ll quickly resolve issues. It’s impossible for your CSRs to provide exceptional listening skills if they’re not even around to take the call!
  • Offer fluently bilingual customer. For example, your business may serve both English-speaking and French-speaking communities. Your customers will be appreciative that they’re able to talk with your rep in their preferred language.

On Call Centre wrote a white paper on this very topic. We discuss how positive customer experiences retain customers, build customer advocacy, and lead to business growth. Read the white paper for yourself!

We’ve been providing answering services to clients located in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto for more than 40 years. If you’re looking for an inbound call centre service from CSRs with exceptional listening skills, contact us.

[The article mentioned in this post is no longer available online.]

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