The Role of Inbound Call Centres in Facilitating Access

Everyone needs insurance yet many consider it a negative purchase—something they have to buy, but not necessarily want. Only 56% of Canadians have life insurance because 80% of the population believes life insurance rates are too expensive. This perception stems from the lack of knowledge of insurance coverage and the other options available.

As insurance brokers, it’s your job to educate clients about the value of insurance policies. But how can you do this when insurance is a low-touch business, with communications only occurring once a year? Keep reading to find out.

Communication Challenges in Insurance Brokerage

Selling insurance is mostly a person-to-person business where you communicate directly with your client. That’s why a lot of insurance brokers are great personal communicators who can easily convey the benefits of the policies they sell.

However, insurance brokerage communication shouldn’t end with the sale. You can turn a lot of your customers into loyal clients (and even referral sources) if you provide after-sales services. That includes supporting them in times of distress and helping them find the right answers when they need to make claims.

Insurance policies are often intricate, which leaves clients feeling confused with all the technical jargon and convoluted terms. Trying to understand these terms without guidance can lead to misunderstandings and frustration. Clients also need clarification on policy details, updates on their claim statuses, and reassurance during uncertain times.

While traditional communication channels like emails and letters help, they often lack the urgency that clients need. Moreover, these channels may not always foster a transparent and interactive dialogue.

How Call Centres Assist in Policyholder Support and Claims

Call centres provide a direct line of communication, allowing clients to interact with knowledgeable professionals who can address their concerns promptly. This immediacy not only enhances customer satisfaction but also builds a foundation of trust between the client and the brokerage.

Call centres also offer robust policyholder support. Clients can dial in to get quick answers to their queries, receive clarification on policy terms, and gain insights into potential policy upgrades that suit their evolving needs. This personalized approach fosters a sense of security and understanding among policyholders.

Call centres also play a pivotal role in expediting the claims process. In the event of an unfortunate incident, clients can find themselves grappling with stress and uncertainty. A responsive and efficient claims process can significantly alleviate these concerns. Call centres act as the first line of defense, guiding clients through the necessary steps, collecting crucial information, and ensuring a smoother transition from claim initiation to resolution.

The call centre impact goes beyond mere problem-solving. They contribute to a positive overall client experience by being accessible and responsive. Insurance brokerages strengthen their relationship with policyholders, turning each interaction into an opportunity to showcase their commitment to client care.

Straightforward Integration Strategies

Implementing a call centre into an insurance brokerage’s communication strategy requires thoughtful integration. You must seamlessly blend this tool into existing processes without disrupting the workflow.

You’d want to work with a veteran call centre company with strong experience in handling policy claims and providing empathetic support. You want representatives who possess in-depth knowledge of insurance policies, industry regulations, and effective communication skills.

You must also be able to provide omnichannel support so clients have multiple options to reach out—be it via phone, email, chat, or SMS. Finally, you want a call centre with the technology to integrate into your systems to better capture data and support clients.


When it comes to insurance brokerage, effective client care is non-negotiable. Addressing communication challenges head-on is the key to building lasting relationships with policyholders. Call centres emerge as invaluable assets, providing real-time support, expediting claims, and contributing to an overall positive client experience.

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