The Role of Inbound Call Centres in Facilitating Access

Loyal customers are likely to prioritize your business even if they get offers from the competition. They are also likely to spend twice as much on your products or services and won’t hesitate to recommend your company to their families and friends. Also, retaining happy customers is less expensive than attracting new ones.

Given all these benefits, you should take advantage of customer retention strategies.

One way to do that is to foster loyalty through customer service. Customer support agents build relationships with your clients, which keeps them devoted to your company.

Let’s discover the Canadian call centre impact on customer retention.

Customer Loyalty and Call Centres

Have you ever called customer service and been greeted with a robotic voice? Or perhaps you’ve encountered an agent who seemed more interested in wrapping up the call than addressing your concerns? It’s a frustrating experience that can create a dent in a customer’s perception of the business.

When customers call with an issue, they want a friendly voice on the other end of the line. They also want to talk to someone who can provide the right solution. But oftentimes, even if an agent is unable to resolve the issue completely, a customer can be pacified just by being heard and understood.

Customers are more likely to be loyal when they’re satisfied with their treatment. You can measure this satisfaction through CSAT scores, NPS, and other important metrics.

Strategies to Leverage Call Centres for Customer Retention

You can also use the following strategies to build customer loyalty:

  1. Create consistent customer experiences by having well-trained agents.

A customer should be able to speak to any agent and get the same treatment. All agents must follow the same customer protocols to help guarantee top-notch service.

When you provide consistent quality service, customers will trust your company, and you’ll gain a reputation for dependability.

  1. Practice empathy at all times.

It starts with a warm and friendly greeting delivered with a smile. When agents smile during the call, they’ll be able to adopt a positive tone that shows the caller that they care and understand the situation.

Greetings should also be delivered with sincerity, not as a robotic script, so customers feel that they’re talking with a live and caring person.

  1. Take advantage of call centre technology.

Call centres use CRM tools, call routing systems, and other helpful technology that will enrich customer experience and streamline operations. This strategy helps agents provide a better service, which impacts customer satisfaction.

Imagine a customer calling about a previous issue, and instead of having them repeat all the details, the agent already knows the gist and can offer the right solution. That’s one less frustrated customer and one more happy one.

Customer Loyalty in Canada

Canadians value loyalty and see rewards programs as a means to do repeat business with a company. 57% of Canadians are members of two to four loyalty programs, which is a testament to the country as having one of the most mature loyalty markets.

Your customers are looking for ways to stick with your business. As long as you provide exceptional service and if you build the right customer support team, then you can drive customer loyalty through solid customer relationships.


Customer loyalty is a must in a highly competitive and volatile market. It’s too easy for customers to jump ship when they encounter one negative experience. Take advantage of all the opportunities available to retain customers and use this as your key to unlocking unprecedented business growth.

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