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First impressions matter. Parents and students searching for a school must have an exceptional first impression if they are to choose your educational facility. When they call with an inquiry, they expect a prompt reply – not an endless ringtone that goes to voicemail. A professional answering service company can help your educational facility

improve customer experience by making parents and students feel valued right on the first ring. As a result, you’d see a boost in enrolment and a surge in satisfied parents and students.

What is an Answering Service?

An answering service is a company that provides call center services, such as taking messages, providing customer service support, scheduling appointments, and more. It’s beneficial for those who don’t have the resources or personnel to staff their own call center.

An answering service can be beneficial for schools to increase enrolment rates because it frees up time for administrators to focus on other essential tasks related to running the school.

How Can an Answering Service Help?

A good answering service can help increase enrolment numbers and student satisfaction in several ways.

1. Provide 24/7 customer service support.

Even if you have pre-defined times when the school trunkline is open, prospective parents and students tend to call when the school’s closed. Sometimes, this is their only time to get answers to their pressing questions.

With an answering service, you always have someone available to answer their questions. This ensures that inquiries are responded to promptly and accurately, which can make all the difference when deciding to enroll in a particular school.

2. Assist your admin staff or receptionists with inquiries.

Students approach your admin office with multiple daily inquiries – from asking for remote learning options to seeking assistance for financial aid. Your receptionist or admin staff already has too much on their plate to still answer concerns over the phone.

An answering service can help manage phone-in inquiries from existing students who may need assistance with academics or other issues related to attending school. They can learn the answers to the most basic questions and quickly provide them to callers.

3. Book school tours and promote school events.

Answering services can help promote special events or programs your school may offer by providing information about them over the phone. They can assist people in signing up or registering if needed.

They can entertain requests for school tours and ensure they’re booked so parents and students can visit campus before making decisions.

4. Provide valuable insights.

Answering services provide call transcripts and various call-related data. You can learn the common concerns why parents and students call and prepare easily accessible information to address them.

To address these concerns, you can release FAQs and KB articles on your website and social media pages.

5. Handle other communication channels.

Today’s inquiries are no longer limited to phone calls. Parents and students also use emails and chats to seek answers. An answering service can provide omnichannel support so anyone can reach your school from any convenient platform.

Increase Your School’s Enrolment Rates Today with On Call Centre

Hiring an answering service is an excellent way for school owners to boost enrolment rates in today’s challenging educational landscape. Not only does it free up time for administrators to focus on other tasks, but it also ensures that inquiries are answered quickly and accurately—which is critical when deciding to enroll in a particular school.

With a reliable answering service on your side, you’ll be well on your way toward achieving your enrolment goals.

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