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Deliver high-quality customer service.

I recently read an article in Connections Magazine about benchmarking and why it’s important.

Inbound customer service is a skill set that requires years of experience to hone. It also requires an entirely different skill set than outbound telemarketing, telesales, and inside sales. When you are looking for a telephone call answering service or inbound call centre service provider, you want assurance that the partner you select is going to provide an exceptional customer experience to your valuable customers and prospects. But, as part of the research process, what should you look for to get that assurance?

While it’s easy for us here at On Call Centre to “say” our customer service representatives (CSRs) are highly skilled and provide an exceptional customer experience to our clients’ customers, any answering service or call centre service provider can say that. So we work with third-party organizations to “judge” how well we’re doing against high benchmarks and standards. We believe these actions—and our results—speak volumes.

While most service providers offer inbound/outbound (or blended) services, all of our CSRs are focused 100% on inbound customer service . Our CSRs are randomly tested by third-party organizations. The scoring criteria include courtesy, response time, accuracy, and overall customer service.

On Call Centre recommends that you use the following sources as proof that the answering service or call centre service provider truly exceeds high levels of customer service.

  • Has been tested and received recent validation by a third party, which provides proof of quality assurance and quality control.
  • Provides customer references if requested, and when you speak with the customer references they validate the customer service levels.
  • Promotes customer logos/customer names and customer case studies on their website, which means their customers endorse their partner’s service level.

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By the way, in case you want to read the article by Connections Magazine , it’s called What’s the Benchmark?

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