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Why do customers leave?

It’s not uncommon for customers to suddenly decide to take their business elsewhere. Do you ever wonder why customers leave? Most don’t bother to explain their reasoning; they just go. But research by Focused Marketing has uncovered the reasons.

Why Do Customers Leave?

  • 68% of customers leave because of the poor treatment they receive
  • 15% turn to the competition or seek alternatives
  • 14% are dissatisfied with the products and services
  • 3% move home

What can you take away from these statistics? Well, if 68 percent of customers leave because of poor treatment, you’d better be sure your customer service is the best it can be. This can prevent the majority of your customers from leaving. You need to do a few things:

  • Offer live telephone answering services around the clock. If customers have to leave a voicemail after regular business hours, they feel uncertain about when they’ll receive an answer. This can be stressful. So outdo your competition. Improve your customer experience by taking calls after hours.
  • Offer customers the chance to speak in the language of their preference: English or French. Easy communication is critical for keeping satisfaction rates high.
  • Employ professional customer service representatives (CSRs) who take pride in the quality of their work. A service-oriented mindset (versus sales-oriented mindset) is important.

All the above may mean investing in a professional answering service. In particular, you need an answering service with live CSRs. The CSRs should answer the phones promptly, be able to talk to customers in their preferred language, and enjoy talking with people.

At On Call Centre, we know why customers leave. Our answering service delivers an exceptional customer experience on your behalf that ensure you retain loyal customers and grow your business. For a professional telephone answering service , contact us. We’ve been providing call centre services to clients in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto for more than 40 years.

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