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We cannot underscore enough the importance of good customer service to all businesses, regardless of type or size. The level of service you provide has a massive impact on business growth. The implications of delivering substandard customer service are disastrous to

businesses, often leading to loss of customers, tarnished reputation, and revenue losses.

As such, you must strive to achieve high service levels at all times. One way to do this is by managing your call centre efficiently. Here are some ways to consistently deliver excellent customer service.

Ways To Maintain and Improve Customer Service Levels

Use a virtual receptionist.

Having a virtual receptionist gives your customers access to customer service 24/7. Aside from freeing up your internal resources, virtual receptionists boost your business reputation as they field incoming calls with professionalism. They can do live answering, patch calls, or take messages to allow you to respond to customer concerns more quickly.

Automate resource management.

Optimize the use of your internal and external resources by leveraging advanced tools to automate processes. Streamline workflows by integrating resource management tools that customer service agents can easily use. These include CRMs, ticketing systems, and workforce management tools. These can help you allocate budget and manpower, forecast call demands, automate agent schedules, and manage other resources.

Lower handles times for critical services with dedicated contact response.

Create a dedicated contact response team to handle services that are critical to your business or concerns that require immediate action. Set a specific hotline number for each service to reduce hold times or time in between calls. This will lower your handle time and ensure customer satisfaction.

Use instant communications services to keep your business connected.

Instant messaging gives your customers an alternative way to communicate with you for urgent concerns without using the phone lines. Aside from integrating live chat on your website, you can utilize instant messaging services on various social media platforms. Enabling instant messaging keeps you connected to your customers and helps build long-term relationships with them.

Manage emergencies with an outsourced call centre.

Make sure that your customers can still reach you even when unforeseen events occur. Have a contingency plan in place for your customer services. You can outsource your emergency lines to a service provider that has the right infrastructure and equipment even during emergencies, disasters, or calamities.

Prepare for bad weather with automated voice response.

Bad weather, especially during the storm season, can disrupt power and communications. It can hinder your ability to provide satisfactory customer service to your clients. Fortunately, you can prepare for such events. One way is to use an automated voice response to give customers updates on services or information on general concerns.

Use call routing to boost customer service and sales levels.

Give your customers the assistance they need right away by using call routing. This not only reduces hold times but also increases satisfaction by enabling customers to get the response they need from the right people. Better yet, use an intelligent call routing system that connects a caller to another line without being placed on hold.

Use call distribution to help customers get information fast.

Another way to minimize hold times and improve customer experience is to use automatic call distribution. This system receives all incoming calls and automatically patches callers through to the corresponding person who can address their specific concerns. This ensures that all calls are forwarded immediately.

Optimize Call Centre Services to Deliver High Customer Service Levels

The performance of your call centre impacts the level of your customer service. By making it easy to communicate with your business at all times, your customers are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. Ultimately, maintaining high customer service levels through efficient call centre management will lead to continuous business growth.

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