The Role of Inbound Call Centres in Facilitating Access

Running a business in Montreal means keeping pace with the city’s bustling and dynamic economy. The city is home to 3.7 million people, the highest in the Quebec province, and enjoys a GDP of 234 billion CAD. There are plenty of opportunities to grow your business, and one of them is ensuring customers receive prompt and efficient communications.

More than 85% of customers want proactive communication from businesses, be it via voice, email, chat, or other channels. Meeting this demand boosts customer loyalty and is a guaranteed way to increase revenue.

With the help of answering services in Montreal, you can ensure your customers receive the attention they deserve.

The Necessity of Answering Services for Montreal Businesses

When you’re busy growing your business, having all the help you can get is a lifesaver. Answering services save you time and money while building your reputation and boosting sales. They are available 24/7 so you can offer round-the-clock support for your customers and ensure you never miss a sales opportunity.

Here are the benefits of working with an answering service in Montreal:

Increased sales and revenue

You have a business to run and it’s impossible to be there to answer the phone every time it rings. By working with answering services in Montreal, you have professionals who can answer every client inquiry within minutes (or even seconds) and are ready to provide essential information about your services and products.

Speedy response times create a positive impression that helps customers trust your company and makes them buy your product or engage in your service.

Improved productivity

As a business owner, you’re already juggling a ton of tasks. You can take off answering customer inquiries from the list and work on other more productive efforts. Answering services act as a Montreal business support provider by enabling you to focus on your core operations.

You can rest easy and be confident that someone is handling customer calls and giving them exceptional attention.

Huge cost savings

Answering services streamline customer engagement for Montreal businesses by providing professionally trained agents for less than the cost of hiring an in-house team. You don’t have to hire additional office staff to act as a receptionist or even worry about staff working outside office hours.

This helps you save on extra overhead expenses for hiring, training, and managing staff.

Customizing Answering Services for Diverse Montreal Industries

After Paris, Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city worldwide. Almost 50% of the population in Quebec speaks French and English. Businesses are even mandated to offer bilingual services to cater to the diverse population.

Bilingual answering services address your need for bilingual customer support. Bilingual agents will confidently handle your customer inquiries. They even understand the nuances of the language and culture, so they can empathetically engage with your customers.

By offering bilingual support, you increase your competitiveness and ensure your business is ahead of the pack.

The Future of Montreal’s Answering Service Sector

We predict that the future of answering services in Montreal will focus on more seamless omnichannel integrations. Beyond traditional phone calls, more businesses will integrate chatbots, emails, automated answering services, and AI answering services into their available options.

Bilingual answering services will continue to be in demand, as more citizens adopt French and English as their primary languages.


Despite the rise of automation, customers will still crave the human element, forcing businesses to work with professionals who can blend traditional with automated solutions. Montreal businesses will benefit from live answering services that combine technology with the human touch.

At On Call Centre , we deliver exceptional customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—sometimes 366. On Call Centre has been providing tailored, fluently French/English bilingual answering services and call centre services to small business owners (professionals, trades) and customer support departments (government, high tech, property management, healthcare, emergency clients) serving Ottawa , Montreal and Toronto —and all over Canada —for almost 50 years.

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