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On Call Centre celebrates 50 years of exceptional bilingual call answering service. Founded by Stanley Arron in Ottawa on July 24, 1971, it continues to be owned and managed by his family.

In today’s competitive marketplace it is rare to find a business that has reached the milestone of 50 years of successful business growth, and incredible staff retention, many of the key staff at On Call Centre have been there over 30 years.

“I began my career in 1988 with On Call Centre (formerly The Message Centre),” says Margaret Barnaby, Account Administrator. Margaret is responsible for custom scripting. “We had then recently upgraded from those ancient cord boards (see picture) to using a new computerized system. That in itself was a big change for the company. Then we went from being able to offer our clients a very basic script and dispatch procedure to now offering a unique, custom and often very extensively programmed process that includes emails, text and client databases. We are always exploring new options to help meet our clients’ needs. I think that’s why I’ve been so committed to the company for more than 33 years! It’s challenging but rewarding when I find that solution for a client.”

“On Call’s clients are passionate about their businesses and always a pleasure to team up with,” says Lisa Stevenson, Client Relations Manager. “They’ve been what I’m most appreciative of throughout my 34 year tenure with On Call.”

The secret to On Call Centre’s success can be found in its people. Staff, at every level of the business, are engaged, passionate and dedicated to innovation and superior customer service. “As my father always did, we continue to look to the future,” says Laurie Arron, President of On Call. “Innovation happens naturally at On Call because we try our best to be responsive to our clients’ needs. Perhaps that’s why they stay an average of 14 years. In today’s fast-paced world, we are honoured by their loyalty.”

If that’s not enough to demonstrate success, a quick conversation with On Call’s bilingual call centre clients will seal the deal. “Since 1972 we’ve been a client of On Call Centre,” says Alain Morin, Operations Manager at Metcalfe Realty Company Ltd. “Throughout the years we’ve used their service for paging, elevator monitoring and after-hours emergency services. Working with them to organize our requirements has always been seamless and they’ve always provided a great service. It’s given us peace of mind to know that if there is any type of issue in our buildings we need to know about right away, they are there to relay that message to us, so that we can ensure our tenants are taken care of, as soon as possible and 24/7. That’s why we’ve stayed with On Call Centre for so long and why we expect to continue to use their service for many more years to come.”

More About On Call Centre:

Founded in 1971, and formerly known as The Message Centre, On Call Centre offers bilingual call answering and call centre services to clients across Canada and beyond. It is known for its depth of experience, customized call scripting, long-time staff, and professional customer service representatives.