Think about a position that you held that you really and truly enjoyed. One that you were proud to do. One that you found rewarding. That’s how the customer service representatives at On Call Centre feel.

The customer service representatives at On Call Centre have made supporting customers their career. Day in and day out, they provide exceptional telephone call answer services and call centre services on behalf of our clients in Ottawa , Toronto , Montreal , and the rest of Canada .

  • We improve the customer experience. A fluently bilingual customer service representative greets every customer. This means each of your customers converse in the language of their preference, which minimizes the risk of miscommunications, expedites call completion, and improves the overall customer experience.
  • Customers are satisfied. We answer every customer’s call quickly—and there’s always a human on the other end of the line. As a result, you’ll have less abandoned calls, faster time to resolution, and more satisfied customers.
  • We boost customer loyalty. Our customer service representatives are experts in the specialized skill of inbound customer service. In fact, we don’t even do outbound or pay commissions. Our helpful, service-oriented customer service representatives take the best care of your valuable customers. All this boosts customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Meet a few of our highly qualified customer service representatives: Robert , Natalie and Lorraine.

Do you need a high-quality, highly-reliable telephone call answering service or inbound call centre service ? Are you mobile? Do you need calls answered outside of regular business operating hours? Are you located in Ottawa , Toronto , Montreal , or elsewhere in Canada ? Partner with On Call Centre , a telephone call answering service and call centre service . We are located in Ottawa and serve all of Canada.

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