It’s easy for us here at On Call Centre to say that our customer service representatives (CSRs) are highly skilled and provide an exceptional customer experience. But any telephone call answering service or call centre service provider can say that! However, we can back up our claims with solid proof. We work with third-party organizations who judge how well we’re doing.

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Last month, October 2012, On Call Centre earned the Emerald Award for seven consecutive CAM-X Awards of Excellence. CAM-X ( Canadian Call Management Association ) is one of the two third-party organizations that quality-assure our services.

“The CAM-X Award of Excellence program has set the bar for top quality service in the Telephone Answering Service Industry across North America and beyond. Call taking has evolved tremendously from simply taking a message into serving a complex variety of client needs. This evolution has also brought forth the expectation that every call can be a great one. The judging criteria for what makes a call, a ‘Great Call’ is what truly makes the difference in the quality of service provided,” says CAM-X President Brad French. “Winning [the CAM-X Award of Excellence] is a clear statement about a company’s level of commitment to providing the highest level of service to clients. I congratulate On Call Centre Inc. for their achievements.”

Our Inbound Customer Service

All of our CSRs are focused 100 percent on inbound customer service . To win the CAM-X Award of Excellence, they must receive random tests from CAM-X every month of the year. Plus, a second organization — the Association of TeleServices International, Inc. (ATSI) — constantly quality-assures their operations.

We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your business goals. Contact us with any questions about your inbound customer service requirements. Call us at toll free at 1-866-323-3344 (or local Ottawa 613-238-3262, email us an, or fill out our Call Me form.

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