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Bad weather and other emergencies can interfere with or disrupt operations. In most cases, businesses have no other choice but to close for the day, leading to missed opportunities that can end up being costly.

Missed calls, for example, can adversely impact your business.

 It can affect your sales and damage your reputation. It can also drive away customers. Aside from long wait times, not being able to talk to a live person irritates 75% of consumers. In a more recent HubSpot survey, 21% of respondents shared that they find speaking to bots annoying, along with long call hold times (57%).

But what can businesses do when inclement weather prevents them from staying in the office and attending to customer service needs? While modern technology has enabled organizations to embrace innovations like AI chatbots, 41% of US consumers still look for that human touch, which they view as a crucial component in their shopping experience.

Let’s examine the benefits of automated voice response and how it can help you be better prepared to face challenges that inclement weather brings.

What is Automated Voice Response?

Automated voice response, or interactive voice response system, is a valuable addition to your customer service arsenal. It’s an automated phone system that’s used to manage inbound calls by collecting relevant customer information before redirecting them to the appropriate live agent.

When a customer calls, the automated voice response system will let them access a set of options that they can select by dialing a specific number, which will then connect them to the right department or representative. Some systems also use speech recognition, allowing callers to dictate their response to the prompt.

Automated voice response allows customers to resolve issues themselves and can help companies better manage calls, especially if they’re receiving high call volumes.

How Automated Voice Response Can Help Businesses Prepare for Bad Weather

Automated voice response, when backed by a dedicated call answering service can help you prepare for the unexpected, whether it’s emergencies or inclement weather.

·      Deliver personalized interactions

Automated voice response lets you deliver round-the-clock personalized services even when you’re not in the office. Aside from letting you create customized messages for customers, the system connects them to a live operator who’s well-trained, professional, friendly, and ready to assist them with whatever they need.

·      Never miss a call

Not all businesses have the capacity to continue operations during bad weather. With automated voice response and a call answering service, you’ll never miss a call, even when there’s a power interruption. This lets you access more potential business opportunities while solidifying your business’s reputation and credibility, as well as helping you maintain the quality of your customer service.

·      Access to round-the-clock customer service

Automated voice response helps you maintain and improve your customer service levels, as it allows your customers to reach your business anytime, anywhere, even outside business hours. Additionally, it helps streamline operations because it can route calls to the right representative. Automated voice response also effectively reduces call hold times and helps address basic queries or concerns, like inquiries about your location or store hours, even without the assistance a customer support agent.

Be Prepared for Any Emergency

It’s important for businesses and organizations of all sizes to be prepared for emergencies. You may want to review or create a comprehensive inclement weather policy that also highlights your communication plans not only for your organization but also for customer service needs. Check whether you’re prepared for power and communications interruptions and if you have live backup agents available during such events.

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