Clients Using OnCall Centre’s Answering Services

Business owners, heads of customer service, and fundraisers all entrust their answering and inbound call centre needs to On Call Centre — and they’re all getting a good night’s sleep because of it.

Over our 50 years in business, we have supported small and medium companies to large corporations. We have clients in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal in Canada, in the United States, and across the rest of the world. Just some of the sectors we have served include:

  • Property management — Building maintenance
  • Professional services — Legal, insurance, real estate, financial, and veterinarians
  • Trades — Elevator services, general contractors, electrical contractors, paving contractors, fuel delivery, landscaping, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, glass and mirrors, doors, appliances, couriers, parking, vehicle leasing, trucking, and tire companies
  • Healthcare
  • Emergency services — Fire protection and utilities
  • Government
  • Telecom
  • Tech
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Sector: Video Production
Region: Global


Services: 24/7 Technical Support, call patching, emergency dispatching

About: Canadian based and established in 1974, Ross Video powers video productions for billions of global viewers daily with the industry’s widest range of smart production solutions. Ross makes it easy to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging material for sports stadium screens, entertainment shows and rock concerts, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate applications, and inspiring content for houses of worship.

Ross’s Challenge: Responding to customer requests from multiple time zones. The On Call Centre assistance with after-hour service requests, by answering client service requests efficiently, documenting and promptly transferring the customer to the assigned technical support specialists.

On Call Centre’s Solution: Since 2016, On Call Centre has provided Ross Video assistance in monitoring their after-hours service requests. We receive calls in relation to Live TV, Live Broadcast (On Air emergencies) as well as Off Air questions/concerns. On Call Centre takes and dispatches all messages, including sending group emails, connecting callers through call patching and an escalation process for emergency calls, so that assigned technical support specialists can address the customer’s concerns quickly.

On Call Centre’s Delivered Value: Thanks to On Call Centre, Ross Video is able to continue to provide outstanding, reliable and efficient customer service to their Global clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Sector: Elevator Maintenance Services
Region: Ottawa and surrounding areas
Services: After hours fully bilingual emergency line
About: Regional Elevator has been in business for more than 20 years, with a current staff of more than 65. They are the largest independent elevator maintenance company east of Toronto and the 2nd largest maintenance company in Ottawa (currently maintaining over 1100 units). Regional Elevator was recognized as the 1st independent elevator maintenance company to maintain more than 1000 units!
Regional Elevator’s Challenge: Regional Elevator required an after “business” hours answering service to receive & immediately dispatch any emergency after hours service calls, to their team of expert on-call elevator maintenance technicians.
On Call Centre’s Solution: Since 2004, On Call Centre has provided Regional Elevator bilingual after hours answering service. We receive calls in relation to emergency elevator maintenance issues. On Call Centre dispatches their emergency service calls as quickly as possible to their on-call technicians, so that they can service their units, 24/7.
On Call Centre’s Delivered Value: By utilizing the services of On Call Centre, Regional Elevator has been able to provide their customers with 24/7 emergency contact, allowing them to establish and maintain their reputable reputation for unbeatable response!

Sector: Property Management (Residential & Commercial)
Region: Canada
Services: 24/7 Answer Service/After hours Emergency Service
About: Hazelview Properties has a track record in the Canadian multi-family property management business. They measure success, not by the numbers, but with stories from their Residents who have great experiences. They believe it takes great people to help create a great place to live.
Hazelview’s Challenge: Hazelview Properties was looking for support to ensure their Residents were able to speak with someone 24/7 when requiring assistance related to urgent and non-urgent requests. It was imperative these calls were triaged immediately and forwarded to local resources to manage the issue.
On Call Centre’s Solution: Since 2012, On Call Centre has provided Hazelview a 24/7, fully bilingual answering service to ensure all Resident requests are taken accurately and accordingly, based on non-urgent and urgent protocols. On Call Centre was able to create both an extensive custom site database, and a custom process so that all emergency calls are dispatched ASAP, based on site and then by corresponding escalation team. Implementing both custom processes provides Hazelview the most efficient means of addressing their Resident’s immediate concerns.
On Call Centre’s Delivered Value: By relying on On Call Centre services, Hazelview has been able to increase efficiency and free up valuable resource time to focus on their Residents needs, thus improving the overall Resident experience.

Sector: Education
Region: Toronto and surrounding areas
Services: Fully Bilingual 24/7 Reception
About: Anderson College, for more than 40 years, has been a partner to thousands of students overcoming career challenges and transitioning to the next phase of their lives. Anderson has 5 locations in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton and are recognized for their high caliber faculty, hands-on, real-life career training and supportive culture.
Anderson’s Challenge: Anderson College required support for their reception after hours so that they didn’t miss out on any calls. In 2020, with the pandemic situation, Anderson College reached out to On Call Centre once again, to request help in monitoring daytime reception calls as well, while their staff worked remotely, to ensure both existing students and potential new students were able to contact them, regardless of the COVID lockdown.
On Call Centre’s Solution: Since 2014, On Call Centre has provided Anderson College with an after-hours service for each of their 5 campuses. so that both their existing students and potential new students were able to retrieve campus information or leave a message for their Admission’s Team to follow up on. During the entirety of the pandemic situation, On Call Centre has been able to assist Anderson College with a 24/7 reception service to ensure both existing students and potential new students were able to contact them to retrieve campus information, leave messages for their office or Admission Team, and as well as get updates on the pandemic situation for each of their campuses.
On Call Centre’s Delivered Value: By utilizing the services of On Call Centre, Anderson College has been able to obtain all new student inquires, as well provide both their new and existing students a means of contacting them, especially during this pandemic situation, to assure them they were still open (virtually)!