The Role of Inbound Call Centres in Facilitating Access

Canada has over 450 ethnic or cultural origins based on the latest census, making it an increasingly diverse marketplace. This diversity forces businesses to look for innovative ways to connect with customers and overcome linguistic and cultural differences.

One of the successfully tested strategies is multilingual support. It breaks down language barriers and enhances customer satisfaction, so businesses can tap new markets. For example, bilingualism has become a cultural norm and business necessity in Montreal, a city with a predominantly French-speaking population.

With the help of a bilingual phone-answering Montreal service provider, you can cater to both French and English-speaking clients. In this blog, we’ll discuss how multilingual support can help your business expand to new markets.

Break Language Barriers

French continues to be a predominant language in Canada, especially in Quebec where nearly 4 out of 5 individuals use it at work. At the national level, English remains the dominant language followed by French, which is mainly used by almost 20% of workers.

If you’re a B2B organization in Montreal, expect that you’d be doing business with people who use French as their primary business language. You must be able to provide French-speaking customer support to ensure their needs are properly met.

However, you can’t alienate customers who prefer English as their work communication language. When you offer multilingual support, you can cater to both English and French speakers. This will break language barriers that prevent customers from seeking assistance.

Apart from language proficiency, multilingual support representatives also know cultural nuances. They are sensitive to what a caller is saying beyond the words used, providing empathetic support that goes beyond a transactional encounter.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Providing support and information in a caller’s native language demonstrates cultural sensitivity. You’re telling customers that you value their comfort by speaking in a language they understand. This improves comprehension and reduces the risks of misunderstandings. Ultimately, it leads to increased trust.

Offering multilingual support reflects your business’s commitment to inclusivity. Customers will also feel more valued and understood since they’re getting personalized support. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Speaking in the caller’s native tongue also creates an instant connection. Callers will feel more comfortable in describing their issues, which leads to a more accurate solution. It will also make the call shorter since there’s a speedy resolution and will help agents serve more customers.

Expand to New Markets

Offering multilingual support helps you expand your reach beyond your current customer base. Canada is a fertile ground for business expansion due to its diverse population so there’s a huge potential to tap new markets.

Multilingual agents build instant rapport with customers in their native language. They will help you enhance your company’s reputation and boost your credibility, especially to potential clients. As a result, your business gains new customers.

For example, working with a Canadian French call answering centre will provide linguistic support and demonstrate your commitment to serving the local market. They will help you tap French-speaking businesses in Quebec and expand your business reach so you can seamlessly serve both English and French-speaking customers.


As Canada continues to accept immigrants and promote a multicultural population, you can expect that the demand for multicultural support will grow. Investing in a bilingual call answering service today will lay the foundation for your multicultural support strategy. Check out our offers here at On Call Centre to find the best solution for your business.

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