Voicemail-to-Live Service

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Combine Automated Services With Live Support

Automated customer service allows you to reach out to more people when you’re starting your business and have a small or no support team to wait on calls. Voicemail can augment your available touchpoints without having to spend on additional staff. But a growing number of companies are complementing this feature—which also serves as a self-service option—with live operator support, so callers can speak with a person, too, if they wish. On Call Centre can provide live agents to attend to your callers who prefer human interaction.

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Your Callers Deserve Responsive Bilingual Assistance 

Nearly 70% of customers prefer self-service options to get answers to simple questions. However, they want live agents to assist them with complex, urgent, and usually anxiety-producing issues. On Call Centre’s voicemail-to-live service allows your clients to experience the best of both worlds. 

Our bilingual English and French-speaking agents can take the call once your caller opts to speak to a live agent and exit the interactive voicemail system. Our team works with you in developing a script or call protocol to guide our agents in addressing concerns that will need their assistance. You will receive regular agent performance reports based on industry-standard KPIs and your other requirements. We can glean insights and work through improvement areas and opportunities together.

On Call Centre Can Leverage Your Voicemail

With our voicemail-to-live service, you can avoid customer frustration arising from unanswered calls or long wait periods. On Call Centre agents were pre-screened for English and French proficiency, technical skills, and soft skills. They get training at our facility using our equipment. When you sign up for our services, your business calls get routed to our agents, who either act on the request (message taking, appointment booking, or payment processing) or transfer the call to the appropriate department, whatever your call flow prescribes. Our company makes the necessary integrations with your customer management system. Doing so allows your staff and our agents to be in sync in viewing clients’ historical data and personalizing service during the call.

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Boost Inbound Call Capacity With Our Voicemail-to-Live Service

On Call Centre can be an extension of your internal team, if you already have colleagues or personnel designated to answer callers seeking live support. Our flexible plans let you decide when you want us to fill in or back up your staff. Otherwise, we can handle your live support option 24/7/365. Moreover, you can scale your service package up or down to match your current call volume. Contact us today to discover how our voicemail-to-live service can help you reach your engagement and growth goals.