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Emergencies can happen anytime, and you never know what situation you might find yourself in. As a business owner, it’s essential to be aware of emergency call services in the Ottawa area.

Keeping emergency lines open assures customers that you’re always available especially when unforeseeable events happen.

Let’s explore the emergency services available for businesses in Ottawa and how they can help protect you and your customers.

Emergency Call Services in Ottawa

When your customers encounter an emergency, it’s vital that they can access you immediately. When they call your emergency hotline, someone must be there to respond quickly and efficiently in order to minimize damage or injury.

If you manage a property, you must be prepared for all sorts of incidents – from a malfunctioning elevator to a pool accident to reports of a possible intruder. If you’re in the plumbing business, you should expect that customers can call in anytime to report a leaking pipe and request immediate assistance.

However, how do you manage emergency calls? Do you have a 24/7 team monitoring the emergency hotlines? Are they capable of distinguishing urgent calls from non-urgent ones? Ignoring an emergency call can be fatal. But maintaining a separate team dedicated to monitoring emergency hotlines can be costly. The solution: hire an outsourced emergency call service.

Benefits of Emergency Call Services

Outsourced live answering services act as 24/7 front liners to customers. They are available any time of the day and night to answer calls and respond to emergencies.

At On Call Centre, our agents are trained to distinguish emergency calls and respond accordingly.

They can forward the call to your team or connect the caller to an emergency response team. Here are the benefits of having an emergency call service in Ottawa:

Timely response rates

If you’re in the services industry, such as the roofing business, it’s critical to respond to customers promptly. You risk losing clients if you don’t answer calls immediately, especially if they call about a crucial matter.

Hiring outsourced call receptionists will ensure there’s always someone ready to answer the phone, even if you’re busy attending to other customers.

Increased customer trust and satisfaction

When customers know they can reach your business anytime, they will be more likely to trust you. Rather than turning to a competitor during their time of need, you’d be the first person they’d call.

They may even have your number on speed dial so that they can reach you during an emergency. This is great for your business since you are assured of loyal customers and a stellar reputation.

Achieve work-life balance

Most small business owners make the mistake of staying attached to their business even after office hours. When the staff cannot answer the calls, SMEs take the burden upon themselves to handle emergencies.

This can be a significant drain on your time and quality of life. With outsourced emergency call services, you can rely on professionals to cover after-office hours and stay on top of emergencies. If there’s something that requires your attention, you can give instructions for them to reach you. Otherwise, they’d handle the incident on their own.


Being available 24/7 assures customers you can be there no matter what happens. Working with a reliable emergency call services provider gives you peace of mind that any emergencies can be swiftly and efficiently attended to.

Make sure to take advantage of emergency call services in Ottawa.

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