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Professional inbound call centre services and answering services.

Once the first impression is made, it’s very hard to change in the minds of a prospective new customer. So it’s important that your client-engagement strategy is sound. Furthermore, if you’re a small business, it’s likely that when that prospective new customer calls, you won’t be available to answer the call because you’ll be busy serving an existing customer.

At On Call Centre we provide inbound telephone call answering services and inbound call centre services . Our life’s work is to ensure that we make a positive first impression on behalf of our clients—and a continued positive impression with existing clients. Here’s how we can help you.

  • Our customer service representatives answer every phone call. That’s right. We don’t use voice mail. So every customer talks to a living, breathing human being.
  • Our customer service representatives are 100% focused on inbound calls—in other words—they understand “customer care.”
  • Our customer service representatives are fluently bilingual. They not only offer to speak in the language preferred by your customer—French or English—because they are fluent, they understand the nuances of each language.

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We’ve been providing answering services and call centre services for our clients located in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto—anywhere in Canada—for 45 years now. If you’re looking for an inbound answering service provider or inbound call centre service , we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please contact On Call Centre to schedule a free, one-hour no-obligation telephone call answering service or call centre service consultation.