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A content contributor to Forbes recently penned an article entitled, “ Why Companies that Invest in Customer Experience will Destroy those that Don’t.” It’s a powerful article in many ways. First, the frustrating experiences with a vendor lead the contributor to publish an article that doesn’t put the store in the best light. Years ago, the writer would have just told friends and family; the power of the internet lets us tell the world. Second, the contributor is correct that if we don’t get the service we expect from one vendor, we go to another.

If you are a small business, you may need a little help to offer that customer experience that is a competitive advantage. At On Call Centre, that is what we can do for you. We provide professional inbound answering services and call center services .

  • Many callers won’t leave a message if the call goes to voicemail. At On Call Centre, every call is answered by a live body with a beating heart around the clock, 365 days a year. You’ll get a message from every customer who calls you, which means you’re delivering an exceptional customer experience.
  • Delivering a professional impression. Having the phones answered tells your customers that you’re reliable and trustworthy, and that they’re important.

Furthermore, with an answering service, you won’t miss when a potential new customer calls. It’s important to keep existing customers happy and loyal, but it’s also important to bring on new customers. If your calls are being answered around the clock by a live body, you have the opportunity to take those important calls that grow your business.

Want to provide exceptional customer service to your customers? Consider a professional telephone answering services or professional inbound call centre services . We’ve been providing answering services and call centre services to our clients serving Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto for 46 years. We invite you to call us: 613-238-3262 or Toll Free 1-866-323-3344.

If you’d like to read the story mentioned at the start of this article, here’s the link: Why Companies that Invest in Customer Experience will Destroy those that Don’t