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For some types of businesses, their customers are consumers who need 24-hour access to your people. A few businesses that quickly leap to mind include property management, building maintenance, legal services, insurance, real estate—and trades like elevator services, electrical services, paving contractors, and plumbing and heating services.

At On Call Centre, we have 46 years of experience providing inbound telephone answering services and inbound call center services to organizations like yours. Our customer service representatives are experienced and expert at providing service to the customers of our clients.

Here is what makes On Call Centre the best partner for your answering and call center services :

  • We only offer inbound answering services. While some companies offer outbound and inbound, our sole focus is customer service—and customer service is a unique skill set compared to sales.
  • We only offer live answering services. What I mean by that is your customers will never hear an automated answering machine request that they leave a voice message. Our professional customer service representatives answer your customers’ calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We offer customer service in the two official languages of Canada: French and English. Your customers are offered the choice to speak in the language of their preference. Furthermore, our customer service representatives are fluently bilingual, which means they understand the nuances of both languages, which decreases the risk of passing a misunderstood message along to you.

Considering partnering with a professional telephone answering services or professional inbound call center services ? We would like to put our inbound, fluently bilingual Customer Service Representatives to work for you. We’ve been providing answering services and call center services to our clients serving Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto for 46 years. We invite you to call us: 613-238-3262 or Toll Free 1-866-323-3344.

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