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One of the most frustrating experiences for customers is to encounter a voice mail greeting rather than a human greeting them. Frustration increases every time the customer hears the voice mail greeting.

On Call Centre is a professional answering service provider and inbound call center services provider. We employ career-focused Customer Service Representatives. In other words, our Customer Service Representatives chose customer service as their profession and have years and years of experience—and they answer every single phone call.

  • Our Customer Service Representatives work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Our Customer Service Representatives do not rely on voice mail. They pick up every call and speak with customers on your behalf.
  • Another benefit—our customer service representatives are fluently French-English bilingual so when they greet your customers, your customers feel comfortable to speak the language of their choice.

Avoid frustrating your customers with voice mail. Deliver greater customer satisfaction by partnering with a professional telephone answering service and inbound call center service. At On Call Centre we employ fluently bilingual Customer Service Representatives to answer every call—no voice mail. We’ve been providing answering services and call center services to our clients serving Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto—and all over Canada—for 46 years. We invite you to call us: 613-238-3262 or Toll Free 1-866-323-3344.