In April 2012, the research firm Forrester Research surveyed businesses to determine customer experience goals and trends. Among other things, this looked at what makes for a gold-rated call answering service. Their research revealed that:

  • At 77 percent, improving the online customer experience was “the most common objective”
  • Despite the number of customers who still call companies for help (often after bad digital experiences), only “43 percent of respondents said that they plan to improve the agent experience in 2012.”

The takeaway here is that a customer service-focused telephone call answering service strategy is a point of competitive differentiation.

How to Deliver a Gold-Rated Call Answering Service

Just two tactics that deliver a gold-rated call answering service include:

  • Answering every call live. Rather than wasting your customer’s time playing an annoying game of telephone tag, quickly resolve their purpose for calling.
  • Having a fluently-bilingual customer service representative answer every call. For example, businesses in Canada often serve both English-speaking and French-speaking communities. Your customers will appreciate that they’re able to converse with a rep in their preferred language.

We wrote a white paper called Is Your Answering Service Strategy Delivering Brand-building Customer Experiences. It discusses how positive customer experiences retain customers, build customer advocacy, and lead to business growth. We invite you to read the white paper to learn more tactics that will help you deliver a gold-rated call answering service.

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