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Many businesses now use virtual receptionist services to be more efficient and organized. A virtual receptionist can help to take some of the burden off you and your employees, freeing up time to focus on other tasks.

However, the success of hiring a virtual receptionist is also dependent on how you prepare your business to maximize their services. Your employees and business processes must be appropriately adapted to consider the role of a virtual receptionist.

This blog discusses what you must prepare to guarantee a smooth and successful engagement.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Virtual Receptionist

1. Understand your call transfer system

Virtual receptionists answer calls from customers and either take a message or forward them to specific employees. By drafting a call flow, you can increase their efficiency because they’ll know how to handle calls as they come. You can create call elevation rules encapsulating when call forwarding, call routing, call diversion, or live relay will happen.

On Call Centre can provide a free demonstration of how these services work so you can visualize how to set them up. We can also guide you in drafting your call elevation rules to ensure a smooth sailing call process.

2. Document fundamental customer concerns and standard answers

Virtual receptionists can take care of the most basic customer queries. They can handle appointment bookings, answer simple questions, and provide essential company information. But to be effective, they need a manual provided by your team. Before the engagement, prepare a document outlining the company policies and processes they should be aware of.

You can create a knowledge base of your services to familiarize them with your offers. Compile customer concerns and standard solutions so the receptionist can troubleshoot independently. Virtual receptionists are skilled at customer service and call handling, but they also need your input to be able to do their job successfully.

3. Consider your software tools and integrations

If your business is using any apps or software like CRM tools, appointment scheduling tools, or shared calendars, then your virtual receptionist must be able to integrate with these tools seamlessly. For example, an HVAC company that uses an appointment scheduling system to line up customer visits must give their virtual receptionist access to the system so every call can be appropriately booked.

Virtual receptionists work closely with the sales team since they can capture phone leads and input the caller’s details directly on a CRM system for easy follow-ups. Real estate professionals can empower virtual receptionists to provide basic answers to caller’s questions and take their details to be logged in a leads database.

4. Setup live chat on your website

Virtual receptionists do more than answer phone calls. They can also answer chats and customer emails. You can give your customers convenient options to reach your business by setting up multiple communication channels. This opens up your business to more leads and better customer service.

On Call Centre provides omnichannel services so your clients can reach you through phone, email, SMS, chat, and other channels.

5. Set targets and adjust as needed

To measure the success of your virtual receptionist, you need to have clear targets that each party is aware of and agrees to. You can measure critical metrics like the number of missed calls, average customer value, customer satisfaction, and the number of sales captured.
These metrics will guide your virtual receptionist and help them become aware of acceptable standards. But be prepared to adjust over time as your business needs expand.

On Call Centre is committed to helping you achieve your business goals by providing professional and efficient virtual receptionist services. We can work with your targets and help you adjust them to suit your business needs.

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