Answering Service and Call Centre Solutions for IT and Telecom2024-05-17T05:40:28-04:00

Answering Service and Call Centre Solutions for IT and Telecom

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We Ensure Technology Works in Your Favor 

Your products have turbocharged communication and worked at lightning speed. Ironically, internet service, digital phone, cable TV, and software providers have earned a bad reputation for unhelpful bots, long hold times on customer service lines, or even disconnected calls. On Call Centre can help you change the narrative with our phone answering and message management service.

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Be a First Mover That Keeps Clients at the Centre 

Although consumers bring in earnings and revenue, they can get less attention post-sales. But your network expansion and product development efforts will only be worthwhile if you nurture your existing clientele. Boost your customer retention with our bilingual agents, whose performance goals we can set and track based on your needs.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty With Our Solutions

On Call Centre can keep current clients in your fold—and even help you find new ones—through our after-hours and 24/7/365 virtual reception, emergency response, and message management services. Your customers won’t be easy prey to other providers when our solution-oriented and empathetic agents attend to their queries and concerns.

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Sustain Professional Accessibility at Scale

Your current phone answering service provider or in-house staff may adequately address your call traffic. However, if you’re considering extending your availability round-the-clock or need assistance with customer acquisition, account management, order processing, billing, contract administration, service activation, upselling, or technical support, we can help. Contact us to discuss how we can develop a customized solution for you.


Why should you choose On Call Centre as your answering service partner?2023-05-31T00:41:25-04:00

Every IT and telecommunication business has its unique brand voice and customer service goals. With over 50 years’ experience, providing solutions to hundreds of businesses, On Call Centre ensures that we understand these aspects of your company. We do not have “solutions in a box” We can customize a plan, script, and message management system that reflect your branding, vision, and individual needs. We value deep customer knowledge as it empowers our agents to engage with your clients, using your brand tone and QA standards.

And in our 50 years of operations, each of our satisfied partners typically stays with us for more than a decade. Moreover, On Call Centre is proudly Canadian. We hire and train the best local talents to serve our partners with professionalism and empathy.

What services does On Call Centre offer to IT and telecom firms?2023-04-29T11:37:05-04:00

We offer flexible plans that you can tailor fit to your operational requirements. Our French and English-speaking agents can handle your inbound and outbound calls, chats, appointment scheduling, message-taking, and omnichannel communications. Besides customized scripting, On Call Centre can also furnish call reports with insights on growth opportunities besides agents’ KPIs.

What types of IT and telecommunication companies does On Call Centre cater to?2023-04-29T11:31:13-04:00

We work with various businesses, from telephone and cell phone service providers to broadband, cable and satellite TV, and software companies.

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