Answering Services in Canada

Our services are available for clients located anywhere in Canada. With more than 40 years of experience serving all types of businesses—large and small—in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and elsewhere in the country, we know how to customize our telephone call answering services and inbound call centre services to meet the needs of our Canadian clients.

Do You Need Call Answering Services or Inbound Call Centre Services?

Our full range of services are available to clients located throughout Canada.

Remote Reception

With our remote reception, a fully-bilingual customer service representative will answer your phone at any time of the day or night—weekends and holidays included. Whether your customers are based within Canada or elsewhere in the world, our team will provide them with the information they need.

Push “0” for Operator

For a live answering service that also screens your calls, choose push "0" for operator. Your customers simply need to press "0" to start talking to one of our bilingual CSRs. We then make sure the customer's message reaches the right department or person in your company.

Help Desk

Another way to manage customer requests is with our help desk. Your staff will no longer need to answer the phone—and problems will be resolved even faster.

Dealer Locates

Our dealer locates service is available to businesses with locations throughout Canada. We'll provide your customers with the contact details and other information they require related to their local branch.

Catalogue Order Processing

Now you can distribute catalogues throughout Canada without needing to worry about how you'll manage an influx of orders. On Call Centre will handle all the order processing for you.

Web-Enabled Services

Already have an online system set up for customers to place orders? We can process those orders for you.

Pledge & Fundraising Drives

Pledge drives often mean a much higher volume of calls than your regular resources can handle. Our CSRs are trained to support all types of fundraising initiatives.

Lottery Ticket Sales

On Call Centre is licensed to process marketing programs like lottery ticket phone order sales.

Optional Voicemail Services

If you'd prefer, we can provide you with telephone numbers and voicemail boxes instead of our round-the-clock answering service. We'll even call or page you when you receive a new message. There's no rush to check your messages—they'll be ready for you when it's convenient, complete with a date and time stamp.

Appointment Setting

Expecting clients to book appointments by leaving a message and waiting for a return call is risky. You may lose clients through such a system! Our CSRs will answer calls in the moment and book appointments for you.