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Do Your Customers Call You Outside Regular Business Hours?

Are you a small business owner? Do customers call you outside of regular business hours? We can help ensure you never miss a customer call. At On Call Centre, we understand the needs of small business owners. Getting work done requires uninterrupted time. Meeting with customers requires uninterrupted time. And living life requires uninterrupted time.…

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An Answering Service that Delivers Peace of Mind

For small businesses and managers of customer support/service departments it can often be a struggle to ensure all of your customers’ phone calls are answered. That’s where a professional inbound answering service can help. We deliver peace of mind to you AND your customers. Here are just 3 ways that On Call Centre can benefit…

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After Hours Live Person Answering Services

Whether you are a small business owner or manager/supervisor of a customer support department, there is peace of mind when you partner with a trusted answering service. Customers are the lifeblood of any organization. So, you want to keep your customers happy. It is in your control to put in place strategies that avoid situations…

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Deliver Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

At On Call Centre, we believe that keeping customer satisfaction at a high level is achievable. In fact, we have 48 years of experience doing so. While some telephone call answering services and call centre services offer both inbound and outbound, we are solely focused on inbound. In itself, a focus on inbound telephone call…

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Your Customers Will Find Our Answering Service Refreshing!

Are you a small business owner? Do you manage a customer support department? If so, you want to offer your customers a great customer experience. One way to offer an exceptional customer experience is to have Customer Service Representatives with beating hearts answer every single call that is made to your business. It is well…

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On Call Centre Loves Providing Answering Services

Think about a position that you held that you really and truly enjoyed. One that you were proud to do. One that you found rewarding. That’s how we feel at On Call Centre. Our Customer Service Representatives are career Customer Service Representatives. Our goals day in and day out are to provide exceptional, fluently French-English…

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3 Ways Un-Answered Phone Calls Impact Your Business

As an owner of a small business, it rests on your shoulders to ensure existing customers are satisfied and new customers are engaged. The phone line is your customers’ direct line to you. So, what’s the impact to your business if you can’t be accessible after regular business hours—or even during regular business hours? Here…

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5 Ways On Call Centre Can Help You in 2019 and Beyond

Are you an owner of a small business? Do you manage or supervise a customer support department? At On Call Centre, we have been providing inbound telephone call answering services and inbound telephone call center services to people like you for 48 years. We understand the challenges you face. Here are 5 ways that we…

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Happy New Year from On Call Centre

This New Year is a fresh start on achieving your business goals. We wish owners of small businesses  and manager  customer support departments every success in achieving your business goals in 2019. On Call Centre is now in its 48th year of providing inbound answering services and call centre services to clients located in Ottawa,…

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