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2 Reasons a Plumber Uses an Answering Service

Consider this. You’re a two-man business and you’re mobile all day long and—more often than not—you’re in a customer’s home. Add to these challenges that you are new to the business and differentiating yourself from the guys who’ve already made names for themselves, means you need to be available around the clock. What do you do about answering the phone?

While this is a hypothetical story, it’s a very real story for many professions—just one of which is plumbers.

Here are two reasons why a plumber turns to a telephone call answering service provider:

  • When every phone call represents business, every missed phone call represents lost business. A plumber doesn’t want to a miss a call. So whether s/he’s in his/her vehicle, in a customer’s home, or in his/her warm bed, the plumber knows that his/her trusted telephone call answering service is answering every business opportunity and ensuring his/her business success.
  • ROI. The cost of a professional telephone call answering service is a business cost that is generating business revenue; therefore, the plumber is realizing a return on investment every day.

Are you mobile? Do you prefer not to take business (or personal) calls while providing a service at a customer’s home? Do you need calls answered outside of regular business operating hours? Consider partnering with our telephone call answering service.