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Are You Looking for an Answering Service?

Although price is an important consideration, it shouldn't be the main criteria in your final selection of an answering service partner. Here's some additional important criteria to take into consideration.

  • Are they experienced? Ask how many years the answering service provider has been in business; how many years of experience the customer service representatives (CSR) have; and what the CSR turnover rate is.
  • Are they reliable? Ask the answering service provider if they work 24/7/365; if CSRs answer every call or if they rely on voice mail; and how quickly they will relay your messages to you.
  • Are they fluently bilingual? If you are located in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal—or anywhere in Canada—ask the answering service provider if their CSRs are bilingual. Then ask if they are fluently bilingual. There’s a difference. Fluently bilingual persons are culturally bilingual, which means they understand the subtleties of the language and you benefit with no miscommunication between your customers and the CSRs.

Meet some of On Call Centre’s experienced customer service representatives. If you’re looking for an answering service, On Call Centre can help. We are experienced, reliable and fluently bilingual. We have more than 40 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. Consider partnering with On Call Centre for your call answering service.