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Customer Experience

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience Makes a Difference

I read an article in the current issue of Connections Magazine that discusses how the ways companies manage their customers’ issues has implications—good or bad. The article, “Customer Service Makes a Difference,” is insightful and worth your time to read. In brief, the author buckets companies into one of three categories: those who don’t care,…

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A Renewed Focus on Customer Service Can Boost Your Business

If you’re looking for strategies to boost your business revenue in 2020, consider a renewed focus on customer service. Answer Your Phones Around the Clock This is a great way to boost customer service; however, it’s not often practical for small businesses. That’s where a reputable inbound telephone call answering service or call center service…

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Can On Call Centre’s Answering Services Improve Your Business?

Can our inbound telephone call answering services improve your business? Well, our clients thank us all the time for improving their business. And here are just a few examples of how we have “improved” their business. Improved Productivity. Because we provided a telephone call answering service, our clients were able to focus 100% of their…

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Customer Experiences You Can Count On

On Call Centre has a 49-year proven track record of delivering professional inbound telephone call answering services and inbound call center services for clients located in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa—across Canada. The result is that we deliver exceptional customer experiences to our clients’ customers. There are a few competitive advantages that we deliver that ensure positive…

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Our Answering Service Delivers Exceptional Customer Experiences

Exceptional listening skills drive customer loyalty. That’s because, when we listen more than we talk, we hear and learn more. At On Call Centre, our professional career-oriented Customer Service Representatives do just that—they listen. By listening, they correctly get the message that your customers wish to convey to you. Here are two tactics that we…

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3 Benefits of an Answering Service or Call Centre Service to Small Business

We understand that a small business must efficiently manage every hour of their business day. As a provider of professional inbound answering services and inbound call center services, we have proudly served small businesses for 49 years and counting. Here are just 3 of the benefits that our small business clients achieve by partnering with…

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Humans Like a Human Answering Service

This article caught my eye: “The Case for Having Human, Not Robot, Customer Support 24/7.” It’s an article on the DestinationCRM website. And, it’s a great article that supports what those of us here at On Call Centre experience every day (and night) as we humans speak to other humans. #1. Many customers need to…

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Deliver Exceptional Customer Service 24/7

One way to differentiate your small business, is to answer every one of your customers’ calls—even outside of regular business hours. We know your challenge—you need to actually work during regular business hours and you need to balance your professional, family and social life. On Call Centre can help. On Call Centre has 48 years…

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An Answering Service that Delivers Peace of Mind

For small businesses and managers of customer support/service departments it can often be a struggle to ensure all of your customers’ phone calls are answered. That’s where a professional inbound answering service can help. We deliver peace of mind to you AND your customers. Here are just 3 ways that On Call Centre can benefit…

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