Do You Serve a French-English bilingual marketplace like Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto—or really anywhere in Canada? If so, do you offer customers the option to speak with a French- or English-speaking customer service representative? In our experience, offering choice increases an overall positive customer experience leading to better engagement and repeat business.

Here’s why clients choose On Call Centre for their inbound telephone call answering services, call centre services and fundraising drives:

  • Our customer service representatives (CSR) are fluent French-English bilingual, fluently multi-cultural. They understand the nuances of both languages, which minimizes miscommunication.
  • We have been recognized with awards for exceeding high levels of customer from Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) and Association of TeleServices International, Inc. (ATSI). The quality of our customer service is second to none.
  • We work around-the-clock for our clients. We answer customers’ phone calls 24/7/365—sometimes 366.
  • We have more than 40 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

We improve the customer experience. Every customer is greeted by a fluently bilingual customer service representative, which means each of your customers converses in the language of their preference to minimize the risks of miscommunications, expedite call completion, and improve the overall customer experience.

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Do you need a high quality, highly reliable telephone call answering service or inbound call centre service? Are you located in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal or anywhere in Canada? Consider partnering with On Call Centre a telephone call answering service located in Ottawa and serving Canada.