Call Centre Service Solutions for Property Managers2023-05-29T16:40:02-04:00

Call Centre Service Solutions for Property Managers

Gain the Trust of Your Tenants and Property Owners With Our Solutions

There’s no punch clock to mark the end of your day as a property manager. But if you can’t always be there to help due to other tasks like lease applications or property showings, how can you win your tenants’ trust? On Call Centre will be there 24/7 to let them know you care. Our team can take messages accurately, relay them to the right person, and do follow-ups until their problems are resolved.

Make Tenants Feel Heard and Cared For 

Responding to maintenance calls may be a pain in the neck when you must ensure your property’s upkeep while maintaining low vacancies and costs. Don’t wait for disgruntled leads and tenants to rant online about your full voicemail or poor call handling. Our agents can prioritize tenant calls, so every request gets the appropriate response.

Full Administrative Support Is on Standby With On Call Centre

Don’t stretch yourself thin juggling marketing, making inspections, implementing maintenance, and managing budgets. Allow our bilingual team to help you stay responsive to leads and tenants through 24/7/365 virtual reception, message-taking, appointment-setting, and emergency services.  You can review our agents’ performance through our customizable KPI reporting.

Cover All Your Bases With Proactive Customer Service

You may already have a contact support vendor or internal staff who answers your calls. However, you might be seeking ways to connect with tenants or leads that air their grievances via email or SMS. We can help. Contact us today, so we can customize a solution to de-escalate negative feedback.


What services can On Call Centre provide property managers?2023-05-11T17:59:18-04:00

Over the past 50 years, various property management firms have relied on On Call Centre to assist them with different aspects of their operations. You can hire us for one, two, or a combination of services that include 24/7/365 inbound services (including live chat and omnichannel communications), emergency services, and outbound services (for tenant satisfaction or follow-up on rent payments).

What happens if my staff doesn’t respond during call transfer?2023-05-03T01:51:22-04:00

Our agent will make a second call before sending a text message to that person. The agent will contact the designated backup if the recipient doesn’t reply in five minutes.

Also, you will get a notification after the end of each call. These call reports include the caller’s contact details and case information.

How will agents handle calls on my behalf?2023-05-03T01:50:24-04:00

Our agents will follow your instructions, which will be integrated into the script they refer to during calls. The script defines the call flow for different situations, including emergencies such as power outages or fires. This way, our agents can determine when to troubleshoot or route calls to the right person ASAP.

Why should your business choose On Call Centre?2023-05-31T00:42:36-04:00

Every property management business has its unique brand voice and customer service goals. With over 50 years’ experience, providing solutions to hundreds of businesses, On Call Centre ensures that we understand these aspects of your company. We do not have “solutions in a box” We can customize a plan, script, and message management system that reflect your branding, vision, and individual needs. We value deep customer knowledge as it empowers our agents to engage with your clients, using your brand tone and QA standards.

And in our 50 years of operations, each of our satisfied partners typically stays with us for more than a decade. Moreover, On Call Centre is proudly Canadian. We hire and train the best local talents to serve our partners with professionalism and empathy.

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