Call Centre Solutions for Large Trade Service Contractors2023-05-29T16:50:11-04:00

Call Centre Solutions for Large Trade Service Contractors

We Are Every Contractor’s Communication-Streamlining Machine

As a service/operations manager, you’re not only responsible for a large field service team. You also need to meet the demands of your discerning customer base, on top of staying on budget and performing field service yourself on several occasions. That’s a lot of balls in the air.

It only makes sense to partner with a reliable service provider to take over the task of responding to a constantly ringing phone. On Call Centre can screen and process your business calls, while you do the things you’re good at that impact your business.

Personalize Interaction at Every Touchpoint

IVR and live chat are efficient tools, but they aren’t enough to build long-term engagement and confidence among prospects and customers. To identify and respond to your clients’ most pressing needs effectively, they must find you in the platforms they use and get answers in their native language. On Call Centre’s bilingual English and French-speaking team helps build a lasting impression by fulfilling calls and answering SMS or online messages based on your KPIs that we monitor to ensure consistent customer success.

Optimize Your Resources With On Call Centre

Customers expect a seamless experience whether they contact your live agent or connect with you through your online channels. Answer their questions and resolve issues quickly and professionally 24/7/365 with On Call Centre.  We can integrate with your system and follow a call flow aligned with your standard operating procedures so that you only attend to pre-screened or urgent calls and review other issues later, such as booked appointments and complaints.

Deepen Client Trust and Market Your Expertise

Our agents can boost your in-house receptionist or customer service team by serving as their backup during seasons of high call volume. You can determine when to tap our answering and message-taking services—such as after regular office hours, during weekends, and holidays—for more job orders and better lead capture. We can also customize an outbound service plan for prospecting (finding prospects), marketing, appointment reminders, and more, depending on your requirements. Contact us today to discuss how we can develop a customized plan for you.


How will I receive your agents’ call reports?2023-04-29T12:15:22-04:00

You will get a notification after the end of each call. We can send a summary report once or twice a day containing your caller’s contact and case details and other information you require.

How do agents handle calls for my business?2023-04-29T12:14:51-04:00

We help you develop a protocol that will guide our agents’ call flow. Depending on this protocol, our team can answer general FAQs and take a message for other concerns such as job order quotes or bookings. We send this message to the appropriate person or direct the call to the right person shortly. If you’re busy, you can review your call list once you have the time and then make return calls. 

You can specify the procedure for handling emergency calls to facilitate the immediate deployment of your team with suitable expertise.

What do On Call Centre’s service plans for contractors cover?2023-04-29T12:13:55-04:00

You can customize your plan to include one, two, or a combination of the following services: inbound (live virtual reception) and outbound calls (including follow-up calls and satisfaction surveys), chat answering, emergency dispatch, appointment scheduling, and message management.

To stay in touch with your customers on their preferred online platforms, you can include On Call Centre’s omnichannel service in your plan, so you appear active anywhere your client contacts you. Moreover, we integrate with your internal customer management system, so our team and yours are on the same page with customer handling.

What types of trade service companies does On Call Centre work with?2023-04-29T12:12:33-04:00

All kinds of trade service contractors have partnered with us through the years—HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roofing, elevator operations, pool maintenance, landscaping, waste management, pest control, and fuel delivery. Whether your customers are local, national, or international, On Call Centre is ready to support your phone answering and other communication needs.

Why should your business choose On Call Centre?2023-05-31T00:40:18-04:00

Every large trade service contractor business has its unique brand voice and customer service goals. With over 50 years’ experience, providing solutions to hundreds of businesses, On Call Centre ensures that we understand these aspects of your company. We do not have “solutions in a box” We can customize a plan, script, and message management system that reflect your branding, vision, and individual needs. We value deep customer knowledge as it empowers our agents to engage with your clients, using your brand tone and QA standards.

And in our 50 years of operations, each of our satisfied partners typically stays with us for more than a decade. Moreover, On Call Centre is proudly Canadian. We hire and train the best local talents to serve our partners with professionalism and empathy.

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