Emergency Lines

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Be the Service Provider That Never Sleeps

Communication is crucial when unexpected circumstances strike, such as home care emergencies, a power outage, or a natural calamity. The public expects a rapid response from your company if you’re in the health, public safety, or restoration/repair sectors. Besides stable communication lines, your patients or clients need to hear a calm and professional voice that assures them that help is on the way. On Call Centre can take and manage your emergency calls to mobilize assistance pronto when life or business continuity is at stake.

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We Filter the Panic to Dispatch Immediate Help 

Callers may experience panic when they encounter trouble and might share information that isn’t clear or substantial enough to assess their situation accurately. That’s when On Call Centre can help. Our message management team sits down with you to craft a call protocol in English and French, so our agents can ask the right questions, offer troubleshooting or first-aid steps, and run the procedure for dispatching an emergency team. Moreover, we can integrate with your office systems, so your team and ours are on the same page when relating to clients.

We continuously track our team and infrastructure’s performance to determine how we can provide a more reliable experience that stands out from the competition.

Maintain Control During Critical Moments

When you hire our services, we take time to understand your workflow and how you expect us to provide or respond more effectively to calls and messages for urgent help. 

On Call Centre agents take your call and typically route it to your response team after confirming that the caller is facing an emergency. SMS, and social messages asking for help also undergo screening to verify the urgency of the request. Our team will continue to reach out to your team until the message is confirmed received and acted upon.  If you have two or more emergency teams, you can instruct our agents to connect with the second group when the first team fails to reply to the second call or message notification.

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On Call Centre Has Flexible Emergency Response Plans

You may prefer to handle your emergency calls in-house due to the uniqueness or sensitivity of the service you provide. We understand. However, when your coverage area expands, or you need support to offer emergency services at times and in locations outside your current purview, our team is ready to back you up. 

Our agents can handle your calls after regular business hours, during your staff’s days off, or 24/7/365. Moreover, we can customize your plan to enlarge or reduce your agent team size based on your call volume. Contact us today to determine how On Call Centre can tailor-fit an emergency response solution for your business.