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Today, more than ever, having a bilingual 24/7 telephone answering service is critical to your business operations. Whether you are a working owner/contractor or a director at a multinational, you must be accessible to your clients on-demand, 365 days a year.

The simplest approach to ensure that your current and future clients receive answers when they need them, is to hire a bilingual 24/7 telephone answering service. When it comes to finding the best bilingual 24/7 telephone answering service, there are five (5) things to consider.

1. Can I trust someone to represent me and my business

It takes a level of trust to turn over the keys to your business to an outsourced answering service. To ensure that the company you choose is not only capable to perform the necessary duties, but to really trust that they will perform those duties with you and your businesses best interests at heart, look to the onboarding process. Do they include you in the script building process? Is there a person assigned to you, and dedicated to understanding your business and its intricacies? Is there a transparent reporting process where you can understand not only how they are doing the job but how you are being billed for the work? Did they take the time to get to know you and your business and what is unique about it? It is in these types of interactions where trust is built and maintained.

2. Ensure They Have Proper Staffing and Training

Be sure to inquire about the individuals who answer the phone. Are they well-trained? How long is the average tenure of your employees? Are there progressive levels of learning throughout the centre? Do they participate in industry associations or, even better, participate in industry quality and training programs? Is it possible for them to handle bilingual calls? Any 24/7 telephone answering service should answer all of these inquiries and more. Other important staffing and training considerations include:

High Turnover And High Sick Days Are Impacting My Operating Cost. How Do I Manage This?

If your employees are overworked or if they have low overall morale, develop a sustainable plan to help with escalating call volumes and share it with your call operators, get their opinion, and then implement and monitor its effects.

How Do I Answer Growing Call Volumes For Less Labor Costs?

Look at labor efficiencies, is productivity reduced because there are so many calls and an insufficient number of staffs? To minimize labour costs, you can hire entry-level staff to handle simple requests and triage other requests to senior staff. Check the on-hook time, your goal here should be to minimize the amount of time each of your staff spends on a call. Less time equates to less costs.

Other things to understand is if you are really putting your available resources to there best use. Do you have top level staff spending time retrieving endless voicemails, or is their time better spent resolving clients problems with the knowledge and skills you have invested in to develop? Really look at how these staff are spending their work hours and determine how to maximize your investment.

How Do I Support Multiple Languages?

Determine what are your multiple languages call volumes and if they require in-house or outsourced expertise. For example, if you only offer English and French and you notice an increase in Mandarin speaking callers. You can check with your staff to find out if any of them speaks Mandarin or if you would need to outsource to a call center with Mandarin speakers.

3. Check To See That Services And Packages They Offer Suit Your Business Needs

Our Clients Require 365/24/7 Call Support Service. Night Shifts Are Very Difficult To Staff And Are Very Slow, And That Destroys My Efficiency Stats. How Do I Solve This?

Look for a flexible 24-hour answering service company. This will improve your stats and employee morale. It’s crucial to have a selection of services at your disposal from which to choose. Also, if you have Increased Demand by larger clients for Service Reporting, you can ensure that your new answering service company has the necessary mechanism for handling that reporting situation. Check that they have proper call volume management software.

4. Affordable pricing

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, especially when hiring a 24-hour answering service to represent your organization. The price structure of the organization should be simple to understand and without any surprises. Check with the services provider terms of service for quality assurance standards and read the fine print for any hidden fees. It’s critical to understand how you’ll be billed.

5. Value added Services

Many 24-hour answering service companies will merely take your calls, screen them, take messages, and transmit the essential ones to you. If you require advanced services such as appointment booking, live virtual receptionist service, customer service, and outbound follow-up calls you’ll need a 24/7 telephone answering service that provides these specialized services. Ask the tough questions during your search to ensure they have not only the technology to do these things but the in inhouse expertise to execute them properly.


Good answering services will deliver your messages accurately with a 24/7 telephone answering service and respond to your calls when you need them to. Great answering services work in tandem with your company with a live virtual receptionist service, and provide a service that is an extension of you and your business.

We at On Call Centre aid in the generation of earnings, the smooth operation of your business, and the addition of value and convenience for your callers. So book with us today for a great answering service for your business.