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On Call Centre’s professional customer service representatives provide answering services that increase brand loyalty.

It’s a competitive market out there. Everyone is fighting to increase brand loyalty. That’s why, when I saw the article “ Want to Dominate Your Competitors? Focus on a Customer Service Strategy ” on , I immediately clicked.

The author is John Tschohl, President of the Service Quality Institute. He is absolutely correct when he says, “If your company thinks ‘customer service’ is limited to greeting a customer and dealing with their complaints, you’re missing the big picture—and tremendous profits.”

At On Call Centre, we support our clients with the big picture. This helps them increase brand loyalty.

What We Do at On Call Centre

We are an answering service provider and call center service provider . We answer incoming phone calls on behalf of our clients. And, yes, we deal with complaints. But, more than that, we provide exceptional customer service that helps our clients retain loyal customers.

At On Call Centre , our experienced customer service representatives (CSRs) follow a number of best practices. These are just a few.

Answering Service Best Practice 1: Clearly Say the Company Name

We say our clients’ company name clearly. Have you ever called a company and all you heard was “gorgzplingndsuplz”? This doesn’t give a very good first impression. Often, the confused customer then has to say, “Is this George’s Plumbing and Supplies?” Take the time to clearly say your company’s name.

Answering Service Best Practice 2: Give Customers Time to Talk

We let customers complete their sentences. Have you ever spoken with a CSR who consistently interrupted because she thought she knew where you were going with your question? Often this causes the customer to become frustrated. Let customers have the satisfaction of completing all of their thoughts. Pause to consider what they’re saying and then respond.

Answering service best practice 3: Go the Extra Mile

Always go the extra mile. In other words, consider what your customers are implicitly saying or asking. What is the tone of their voice? Is there a level of frustration? When you go the extra mile, you’ll be able to deliver the best possible customer experience to each and every person on the other end of the line.

We’ve been providing answering services to clients located in Ottawa , Montreal , and Toronto for more than 40 years. If you’re looking for an answering service provider or inbound call centre service , contact us today. Plus, don’t forget to check out John Tschohl’s article, “ Want to Dominate Your Competitors? Focus on a Customer Service Strategy ” on

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