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We’re Responsible For Customer Support So Looking For Call Centre Services

customer_supportFor the person responsible for customer support whose shoulders it rests to answer their customers’ calls 24/7, 365 days a year—without fail—the experienced people at On Call Centre provide uniquely tailored call centre services and messaging management services. Unlike voice mail technology and other service providers’ solutions, with On Call there’s always a human voice with a beating heart answering your customers’ calls, which means you achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty without increasing head count or capital costs—ultimately ensuring repeat business.

Our help desk provides first level call support to ensure our clients’ customer requests and messages are delivered to the appropriate employee in a timely fashion.

Improve business performance with On Call Centre’s telephone call answering service

How can you leverage our unique skill sets to improve your business performance?

  • On Call Centre achieves business goals. We listen to your challenges and customize a message management service that ensures your unique requirements and business goals are achieved.
  • On Call Centre improves the customer experience. Every customer is greeted by a fluently bilingual customer service representative (CSR), which means each of your customers converse in the language of their preference to minimize the risks of miscommunications, expedite call completion, and improve the overall customer experience.
  • On Call Centre delivers customer satisfaction. Every customer’s call is answered quickly by a human voice with a beating heart 24/7, which means less abandoned calls, faster time to resolution, and more satisfied customers.
  • On Call Centre boosts customer loyalty. Our CSRs are experts in the specialized skill of inbound customer service—we don’t do outbound; we don’t pay commission—helpful, service-oriented CSRs are taking the best care of your valuable customers, which boosts customer loyalty and satisfaction while achieving your unique goals.

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